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Eat, Drink + Think

Adafina , a Sephardic Shabbat stew

Hamim or adafina: how to make sephardic sabbath stew

Narrowly escaping the Nazis, a wandering Jewish book improbably survives to tell its own tale

In “The Pages,” Hugo Hamilton narrates an escape from the Nazis and the subsequent life of Joseph Roth’s 1924 novel “Rebellion.”

She filmed the final days of her father’s life. Here’s what she wants us to know about assisted death.

“We are able to put our pets to sleep and we can’t put ourselves to sleep. The process needs to be streamlined and should be more humane”

Boors, clowns, crazies, weirdos, a pet parakeet — and other hazards of online dating for a mature Jew

In the hilarious and sad “Maybe It’s Me,” Eileen Pollack discusses her Orthodox childhood, her solo jaunt to Israel and her adventures in dating.

How Ady Barkan’s story sparked a movement

“Ady understood intuitively the power of his grueling and emotionally difficult experience to shape a political narrative.”

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