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Nicole Krauss’s debut short story collection is an argument against staying calm

Called to confront the possibility of radically altered worlds, Krauss’s characters find themselves trapped in the undertow of daily life.

How ‘Borat’ got its sound — an interview with Erran Baron Cohen

“This movie was like the impossible movie to make,” Baron Cohen said.

How ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’ gets history wrong

The film does not do justice to the intense moral passion, irreverent humor and visceral dedication of these defendants and their lawyers.


In praise of the yeshiva — and yet something crucial is missing

Yeshiva TK

Late in my year at yeshiva, I was proud of my spoken Hebrew until I realized I hadn’t learned the 2nd-person singular feminine; it hadn’t come up.

On his new album, Bruce Springsteen plays the rock ‘n’ roll rebbe

“Letter to You” pays tribute to Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen while also serving as a sort of mourner’s Kaddish.

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