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How TikTok’s #MyJewishHeritage plan went horribly awry

For Jewish Heritage Month, TikTok exposed Jewish creators to a flood of antisemitism.

Her name is Ozick, look on her works, ye mighty, and despair

The life that emerges from the novel’s pages is a reflection of the concerns that shaped Ozick.

How Jewish New York got its very un-Jewish names

We tend to think of names as defining the places they describe, but it’s often places that define their names.

Why Jews are key to Chinatown’s survival

Why Jews are key to Chinatown’s survival

Jews have always been key to Chinatown’s success. But can the neighborhood survive an ongoing pandemic and rising bigotry?

Prairie Sonata: A new novel of Canadian Jewish life

Prairie Sonata
Sandy Shefrin Rabin
FriesenPress, 2020, 288 pp.

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