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On her 90th birthday, the Jewish origin story of Betty Boop

Boop, created by Max Fleischer, once made a cameo appearance in an Allen Ginsberg poem.

I Was Hesitant To Write About The Holocaust — Until Toni Morrison Lit The Path

“Who,” Toni Morrison asked me, “gives out the right to tell a story?”

On Writing An Opera With Toni Morrison: ‘She Was The Voice Of The Nation’s Conscience’

“She was very compassionate, very thoughtful. She was very, very strong.”

How a Jewish marketing whiz tried to save old-time Russian hockey

In the documentary “Red Penguins,” a slew of odd bedfellows including Michael J. Fox and Michael Eisner try to save the Red Army hockey team.

Jonathan Swan is the meme hero we need right now

Jonathan Swan’s agile interview with president Trump for Axios on HBO was revelatory. A memeable face was born.

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