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Eat, Drink + Think

Red velvet cupcakes for Loving Day

A scrumptious red velvet cupcake recipe

Noticing how one of the world’s great noticers notices

In his collection “SEE/SAW,” Geoff Dyer offers the close, keen-eyed readings of images that are rare in art criticism, because they’re hard to fake.

Ravaged by Alzheimer’s, a star professor tries to remember how to love

Joshua Henkin’s “Morningside Heights,” is a poignant entry in the early-onset Alzheimer’s canon, intimately exploring the ravages of the disease.

Ferris Bueller turns 35 — and I still hate him

Today I learned that Ferris Bueller is Jewish. Kinda. I’m not pleased.

19 reasons why shiva is like a Phish concert

Reason #6: The tunes are familiar, you’ve heard them all your life, but the words feel strange in your mouth and you might flub a few.

How the Jewish Labor Committee became the unsung heroes of World War II

One of the JLC’s major accomplishments was the rescue of about 1500 European intellectuals and labor or socialist leaders, most of them Jews.

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