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‘What she’s doing is anti-translation.’ Why Israeli translators are upset about Rooney’s boycott.

“I think that if she really wants to make a difference, she should use her talents to write about what bothers her.”

The Sally Rooney boycott brouhaha is right out of a Sally Rooney novel

Rooney gets that every part of the conflict over her boycott is a gesture of almost monumental insignificance.

This woman thought a Holocaust diet was a good idea

The Christian weight loss guru has a lot of questionable teachings according to HBO’s “The Way Down” docuseries.

On Paul Simon’s 80th birthday, his 7 most Jewish songs

Unlike his tribesmen Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, Simon is rarely thought of as a Jewish songwriter,

How Columbus brought America its first Jew

“Luis de Torres was a refugee of faith, and for that reason, we may consider him the first of the pilgrims.”

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