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Eat, Drink + Think

How a Southern Baptist woman launched a line of kosher cakes

LaTonya King’s products are helping build bridges across a cultural divide, said one rabbi.

What British antisemitism on the left can teach us

Comic David Baddiel takes bigots to task in ‘Jews Don’t Count.’


On this podcast, the pulpit looks a lot like the playing field

“I’m a big believer that the locker room is a sacred place,” ESPN analyst Seth Greenberg said on Erez Sherman’s show ‘Rabbi on the Sidelines.’

Did Art Buchwald come up with ‘Coming to America?’

Art Buchwald once pitched Paramount a movie that sounds an awful lot like the plot of “Coming to America.”


Why Heschel’s example was the exception, not the rule

Far too often, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel is used to justify an attitude he never held: complacency.

Previously on ‘Shtisel’: Catch up before Season 3 arrives on Netflix

Season two aired in 2015, so if you’re feeling unprepared for season three, let’s do a recap.

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