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Every weekday morning

Start your day with the latest Jewish news from the Forward and around the web curated by our news director, . Plus: This day in history.


Tuesday midday (ET)

A candid examination of how rising antisemitism and disputes over how to address it are shaping American Jewish life. Hosted by , the Forward’s award-winning investigative journalist, who has chronicled hate and harassment across the country.


Friday afternoons

A weekly letter from our editor-in-chief, , with a personal take on the news, Jewish issues, and journalism. Includes a free printable magazine of stories to savor over Shabbat and Sunday.



Get invitations to special events with Forward editors and guests, delivered straight to your inbox.


Monday-Thursday afternoons

Catch up on the latest headlines, plus our best feature stories, opinion essays, Jewish culture and food.



A bissel of all things Yiddish: music videos, cooking shows, book reviews, and much more from our Yiddish editor, . Includes a free printable magazine of our favorite stories in Yiddish.


Saturday and Sunday mornings

The week’s most important and intriguing stories: news, opinion, and culture from the Forward and around the web.


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