Have Your Say: Send Us Your Questions For Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Here’s your chance to have Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg answer YOUR most burning question.

What I Learned About UN Aid To Palestinians Growing Up In Gaza

With UNRWA gone or underfunded, many people will have nothing to lose. An uptick in violence is a certainty.


We’re Still Having the Wrong Conversation About Roe v. Wade

Roe does not guarantee an unfettered right to an abortion for all nine months of a pregnancy. Why don’t we say that?


How Aid To Palestinians Hurts — Not Helps — The Peace Process

Key factors prolonging the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are the ideology of “refugees” and their ever-inflating numbers, sustained by UNRWA.

The Biggest Threat To The Jews? The Partisan Divide.

The central existential threat to Jews in America today is the toxic nature of partisanship in American political culture.

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