Have Your Say: Did Natalie Portman Betray Israel?

Have Your Say is your chance to tell us what you think. Tell us what you think about the Natalie Portman Genesis Prize scandal.


I Was Smeared By Public Radio For Being A Black Activist Trying To Get My Message Out

I do not consult with the Russian government before I speak my mind, nor do I care what they think about what I say.


The Shameful Character Assassination Of Trayon White

Ever since D.C. councilman Trayon White said the Rothschilds were behind climate change, he has faced accusations of anti-Semitism.


Natalie Portman Just Taught Us How To Criticize Israel With Love

In today’s increasingly tribal, zero-sum world, there is no discussion more tribal and zero-sum than the one surrounding Israel.


What Would Elie Wiesel Have Done? (Not Stay Home Like Natalie)

Her criticism of Israel is important. Why couldn’t she say it in front of the people with the power to do something about it?

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