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Should Israel be Jewish or democratic? Trump has divided American Jews

While Jewish Americans’ overwhelmingly Democratic partisan leanings are well known, the passions animating Jewish Republicans are no less real.

Not all Jews of color are Democrats

You might be surprised to learn that I, a Black Jew, am voting for Trump. And yet for me, there is only one choice in this election.


We can’t give up on Trump voters. They’re family - in my case, literally.

Trump makes all Jews less safe. I hope that my community will be able to see this by November 4, but if they can’t, I promise to love them anyway.


God is in the voting booth

For Jews of an earlier America, voting was a sacred privilege. Our immigrant forebears dressed for the polling place as though for shul on Yom Kippur.

What the Talmud can teach Amy Coney Barrett about ‘Originalism’

The sacred does not inhere in a work, but becomes present through the activity of reading.

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