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What does Jewish tradition say about tearing down statues? It’s complicated.

So I say, dismantle — lawfully, not by mobs — the granite tributes to those whose fame lies in their championing slavery.


American Jews’ hysteria about annexation has nothing to do with Israel

What is actually at stake in Jewish American debates over annexation has more to do with New York than Jerusalem.


Letter | My existence is a better revenge than renaming Harvard’s Lowell House

Keeping Lowell’s name is a reminder of this difficult history, all that we have accomplished since then, and all the work that still needs to be done.


It’s time for Harvard to reckon with its anti-Semitic legacy

What is more disturbing than portraits or a building with Lowell’s name is the university’s whitewashing of his biography.


Defending annexation, the Jewish establishment proves its impotence

If you’re going to claim to be a liberal, as most American Jews are, the most basic requirement is that you believe in basic civic equality.

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