I Know The Terror Migrant Children Face — I Was 9 When My Family Fled The Soviet Union

As a former refugee, I recognize the trauma that migrant children experience — and years after my journey, I know the pain their parents feel.

How to Keep The Two State Solution Alive When No One Cares

The goal of a two-state solution needs to persist past leadership that makes its realization impossible.


Jews Should Disown Stephen Miller Over Trump’s Family Separation Disgrace

We don’t need to officially excommunicate someone to distance ourselves from him. That’s what must happen to Stephen Miller.


Five Years After Pew Study, Where Are We?

Never in my most expansive dreams did I imagine that we would still be debating, dissecting and davening over the Pew findings.

Commentary’s Race Baiting Of Blacks And Jews Is So 1963. Literally.

How in 2018 can you brag about having published an article called “My Negro Problem”? How can you call it the most powerful essay ever published?

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