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This California camp lets Jews of Color like me just be ourselves

Have you ever heard the woods sing “B’tzelem Elohim”?

Reform Jews helped write US voting rights laws. Today, rabbis are arrested for defending them

I have engaged in civil disobedience against the actions of Sudanese crimes against humanity in Darfur, South African apartheid, and a U.S. administration whose Vietnam policy I morally deplored. But never have I done so at the gates of the White House of a President I so staunchly admire, whose policies resonate so deeply with my religious values, who has for decades passionately championed voting rights and who understands the urgency of legislative action now to protect the integrity of our democracy — yet who has not taken every step available to him to achieve those protections.

Opinion | This California camp lets Jews of Color like me just be ourselves

Palestinian textbooks are (still) teaching students to hate Jews

Muhammad Shehada’s Op-Ed “Palestinian Textbooks aren’t the problem,” published in The Forward on Oct. 14, laments the fact that the Palestinian Authority’s educational materials and their incitement toward Jews and Israelis has recently gained traction in Europe.

The ultimate response to antisemitism? Learn Yiddish

When my dad was growing up in Leningrad in the former Soviet Union, he’d beat up the neighborhood kids for calling him a “zhyd”—a pejorative term for Jew that’s akin to “kike.” His flair for fighting was prophetic, as he grew up to be a professional boxer. When he and my mom started dating, she was enthralled with his brawn. But her dad—my grandpa—was not.

I was taught the ‘opposing perspective’ of the Holocaust in middle school. I’ll never forget it

In the fallout from NBC News’ revelations that teachers in Texas were told to teach “opposing perspectives” about the Holocaust, many people are asking what teaching “opposing perspectives” of the Holocaust looks like. I know from personal experience, since I attended a Holocaust class that invited us to consider the Nazi perspective in middle school. The school was our local public school in Oxford, and the class in question occurred when I was in Year 6 (the equivalent of 5th grade) in the U.K.

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