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Trump Is Right: I Don’t Love Israel Enough To Enable His Bigotry

I love Israel enough to despise President Trump and Trumpism.


Don’t Believe Netanyahu. Israel Doesn’t Need The Jordan Valley. Here’s Why.

Netanyahu claims Israel needs the Jordan Valley for security reasons. Don’t believe him.

My Cousin Mohammed Abukhdeir’s Murder - And The Jews Who Mourned Him - Changed Me Forever

Mohammed Abukhdeir’s cousin Kefah remembers him as a teenager with a great sense of humor. He was tortured and killed in 2014.

Judaism Is Not Just For Jews: The Lesson Of Interfaith Families

Helping people who are not Jews feel that they truly belong in Jewish communities is the challenge of our time.

Anti-Israel Activists On Campus Have Made Ignorance A Virtue

When illiteracy becomes a virtue, and students who seek to learn are ostracized and shamed, something is very wrong.

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