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For George Floyd’s yahrzeit, say his name

The yahrzeit for George Floyd is 2 Sivan, which corresponds to May 13. However you observe, remember him by saying his name.


How to grapple with the Lag B’Omer tragedy? Remember fate is random.

When something bad happens, the impulse of many believers is to seek to understand why God willed this result.


Letter | My beloved rabbi was accused of sexual abuse. Now what?

What happens when a predator is someone you love, someone who has done you good?

We’re Jewish advocates for refugees. Biden’s inertia means Congress must act.

Congress should set a standard of welcome for refugees to hold Biden and future presidents accountable.

It may not seem like it, but justice was done in the Sarah Halimi case

In an age where illiberal governments are ascendant, the French courts adhered to the rule of law and constitutional principles.

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