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Netanyahu’s Deafening Silence On Trump’s ‘Dual Loyalty’ Is A Betrayal Of Israel’s Founding Principles

If Israeli politicians are unable or unwilling to call out the President when he accuses American Jews of being disloyal, this says something

Trump Doesn’t Get It: Our Hatred Of Him Is Our Loyalty To America

Where American Jewish ‘Loyalties’ Really Lie


Dear Rep. Pressley: I’m Your Constituent. Will you Condemn Antisemitic Rhetoric From ‘The Squad’?

For too long Rep. Pressley has defended her “squad” members Reps. Tlaib and Omar. She is forgetting about defending Jews in the process.


Israel’s Policy To Empty Gaza Isn’t Just Dehumanizing. It’s Dangerous.

This paradigm of Israeli-induced one-way emigration from Gaza is fundamentally wrong on many levels.

Trump’s Bigotry Isn’t Accidental. We Must Unite To Fight It.

Trump calling Jews disloyal is just another example in the chain anti-Semitic comments the President has made. It wills surely continue.

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