You Don’t Have To Be ‘Good With Anti-Semitism’ To Support The Women’s March

Pressuring, pigeonholing and shaming the Women’s March from the outside only serves to keep us further apart.

By Besieging The Palestinians, Israel Has Besieged Itself

Through the literal besiegement of Palestinians, Israel has imposed a mental siege on its citizens, convincing them they are under constant threat

Why Jewish Women Should Stand By The Women’s March - Farrakhan Or No

If we choose the path that requires the hard, uncomfortable labor of working through our painful divisions towards truth, we will win.

Why Midterms Were The Hanukkah Election

Writing with the benefit of more information, some hindsight (and some sleep) I would point to the significant gains that Jews made in this election.

How Trump Turned A Horde Of Yoga Moms Like Me Into Radicals

Over 24 months, I had gone from being normal to being radicalized, perhaps one might even say woke; from completely selfish to completely obsessed.

The Women’s March Is Victim Blaming. Again.

But it wasn’t the right who asked Milano to comment on the Women’s March’s associations with Louis Farrakhan.

It was me.

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