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Beyond the myths, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah share stories of resistance

What do Thanksgiving and Hanukkah have in common? Start with resistance to assimilation

This week, families across the country will gather for Thanksgiving feasts, followed by Hanukkah three days later. Harvest feasts are traditional for the Native peoples of this continent, but do Thanksgiving and Hanukkah merit a week and a half of celebration? A deeper look at each holiday demands greater introspection.

Why I was thrown off the Mayflower II

In a memorable moment of my journalistic career, I was thrown off the Mayflower II.

Harold Ramis’s 10 greatest comedy bits

Harold Ramis, the comedy genius who died yesterday at age 69, made us laugh for decades. Here are some of his funniest bits.

Rittenhouse verdict not a surprise — but not OK

Rittenhouse verdict not a surprise — but not OK

For some time after the police murder of George Floyd last year, a stream of well-meaning white associates asked me or the first person of color they could find — especially where I live, in Minnesota — how we were doing, and if the tragedy had affected us personally.

A rabbi helped me understand the stigma addiction carries. ‘Dopesick’ makes his lessons even more essential

Rabbi Schusterman taught me the power of having uncomfortable community conversations about suffering that happens behind closed doors.

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