Trump Fired Tillerson To Protect Jared Kushner

Tillerson and Kushner found themselves on opposite sides of a major international affair that has exposed compromising information about Kushner.


Gun Control – Mandated by Health, Supported By Jewish sources

A classic example in the Talmud’s laws on damages offers an interesting response to supporters of the Second Amendment.

What Gaza Really Needs Is For Israel To Recognize The Humanity Of Its Residents

Israel and its supporters must separate the civilians from Hamas militants and stop the collective punishment.


Detaining Immigrants Indefinitely Is Un-American. Shame On The Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court decided that immigration law permits the detention of immigrants for months or even years without bond.


A New Lens On My Jewishness, In The Form Of A Genetic Disease

Jane Eisner, the Forward’s editor-in-chief, discusses her recently discovered genetic disease — Factor XI deficiency — and her Jewish heritage.

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