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My fellow Orthodox Jews: Start fighting for the Uighurs

Concentration camps and genocide. Words that should jarringly resonate in Jewish hearts.


My Dani Dayan problem

As much as we would rather not admit it, gestures such as those made toward Dayan by progressive American Jews exact a real price on the ground.


Peace - like persuasion - depends upon encountering the other

For the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, dialogue with the other — even if it is only to forcefully disagree — is an essential tool.


Why does the Democratic Party - like American Jewish institutions - refuse to condemn the occupation?

The Democratic party’s reluctance to employ this term points to the success of the Israeli right.


I’m a young American Jew and proud Zionist. Seth Rogen doesn’t speak for me.

Degrading comments from Seth Rogen only strengthen our insistence on self determination and resistance.

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