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Why black voters are turning to Bloomberg

Bloomberg’s problems with race are not unique in this field, and that is something that black voters, and black legislators, already understand.


How support for Israeli settlements is marginalizing America - and helping Palestinians

US policy on Israel is increasingly out of step with trends elsewhere in the world, such as this week’s publication of the database.


Democrats should go to AIPAC - and speak truth to power

One message must be relayed to the AIPAC audience: the Trump status quo won’t carry over into even the most moderate Democratic administration.

Israel calls all Palestinian resistance ‘terrorism’. That’s not just racist - it’s dangerous.

Right-wing Israelis have twisted language, accusing us of everything from waging “diplomatic terrorism,” to “PR terrorism” to “terrorism in prison.”


Trump just committed the worst assault on democracy of his presidency

Trump interfering in Stone’s sentencing is part of a pattern of a Presidency whose instincts lean closer to Banana Republic than Federalist Papers.

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