Our Synagogue’s Custodian Is A Member Of Our Family - And ICE Just Deported Him

Armando has no criminal record, steady employment and a community of hundreds of families who love him. Yet in an instant, he was taken away.

Aaron Schlossberg Goes Viral — And Reminds Us To Respect Others

Was the coverage blown out of proportion? Maybe! But the resulting outcry could serve as a reminder to treat other people with respect.

Violent Anti-Semitism Is Gripping Ukraine — And The Government Is Standing Idly By

A wave of anti-Semitism has swept over Ukraine. In the past three weeks alone, a far-right leader publicly called for cleansing Ukraine of zhidi (a slur equivalent to “kike”); a Holocaust memorial in Ternopil was bombed; hundreds marched through Lviv, in honor of an SS unit, complete with Nazi salutes; “Death to Zhidi” graffiti was scrawled in two cities; a revered rabbi’s tomb was vandalized; a Romani camp in Kiev was attacked and burned by far-right nationalists, and hundreds rocked out at a neo-Nazi concert clad in swastikas and throwing up Nazi salutes.


Deborah Lipstadt On Her Comments About Jordan Peterson

Deborah Lipstadt responds to an article about Jordan Peterson in which she was quoted.

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