Fertility Is Not The Enemy Of Feminism. The Way The Jewish Community Pushes It Is.

How we create families can be spoken about with dignity, not with winks. Men need to be held just as accountable for how families are created.


My Father Committed Suicide Just Before Yom Kippur. It Taught Me To Choose Life.

I’ve been thinking a great deal about that first Yom Kippur after my father died, about my anger at God for making me an orphan at 19.

If You Can’t Mourn Ari Fuld, You Are An Accomplice In His Murder

Contrary to my friend Ari Fuld, I believe that there are compromises that need to be made in order for our Jewish State to prevail.


Family Is A Jewish Value. Don’t Let The Mistakes Of A Few Rob Us Of That Gift.

To promote a Jewish future that puts marriage and children at its foundation is not to shun or shame those who choose another path.


Soon I Will Watch Israel Destroy My Home

As I write these words, I await Israel’s destruction of the only home and community that I have known

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