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Why do Palestinians love Bernie Sanders? He reconciles our narrative with the Zionist one

Bernie Sanders perfectly embodies a progressive Zionist spirit.


Your Partisanship Is Blinding You To The Truth About Iran

Diplomacy alone can not work with such a rogue regime, but neither will arbitrary military action without any defined end-goal.

I Helped Found the Women’s March. Jewish Women Are Essential in 2020.

In the aftermath of the first Women’s March, talented women from the most marginalized communities started to get their share of the spotlight.

Take it from a Holocaust survivor: We need Non-Jews to stand up against anti-Semitism

Seeing anti-Semitism today, I’m far beyond my childhood capacity. I understand where this could go and what could happen to America.


Editorial | Leaders who care about democracy must demand NYPD release records about anti-Semitic attacks

We made our records requests public more than a week ago, and we have yet to hear a word from New York’s mayor, governor or borough presidents.

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