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President Trump: This Jewish College Student Thanks You

This Hanukkah, as I celebrate the resilience of the Jewish spirit, I will be thankful for this small yet important step protecting Jewish students.

The Silence Surrounding Violence Against Us Orthodox Jews Is Deafening

It isn’t anything that has to do with ant-Semitism which bothers these people, it is all about politics.

The Lesson Of Trump’s Executive Order That Wasn’t

Trump’s actual executive order made no mention at all of a redefinition of what it means to be Jewish.


I’m A College Student Battling Anti-Semitism. Trump Is Making It Worse.

The solution to anti-Semitism on campus is overcoming the fear of displaying our Jewish pride. Trump’s order will only get in the way of that.


Trump’s Executive Order Shows Again That He Thinks American Jews Are Displaced Israelis

Trump’s Jewish nationality order enables him to accuse his detractors of dual loyalty.

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