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A wakeup call: You are your brother’s keeper

We are, it turns out, our brother’s — and sister’s — keeper.

How the pandemic will change Jewish philanthropy

The decisions we make today will reverberate in the years to come and have the potential to create a feedback loop of transformation and growth.

Chabad emissaries are stepping into communal gaps - for good

People who rarely engaged with Chabad are expressing a need to connect with others and, also, with the deeper, spiritual part of themselves.

Online Judaism is an echo chamber. Will we ever see those we disagree with again?

I worry now more than ever about bubbles; the ways we are self-selecting our communities in ways that only amplify our own views and preferences.

Our history is full of sorrow and salvation. This won’t change us.

Our core values of individual responsibility to G-d, of building family and community, of just laws and free civil society, those will not change.

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