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Jesus, Herod and the Irgun — All in One Jerusalem Room

When Amit Re’em embarked on an excavation of an abandoned Ottoman prison in the Old City of Jerusalem, he didn’t expect anything revolutionary. Oh, how wrong he was.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's 'Obama Is Haman' Rant Reflects Growing Israeli Anger Over Iran

For years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has compared Iran to the biblical Persia, the ancient kingdom where the Jewish people were nearly annihilated through the evil designs of the arch-villain Haman.

Wave of Ukrainian Immigrants Arrive in Israel

Tatyana Orul would have moved to Israel years ago if not for her job as a television journalist in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, which interested her too much to give up.

Israel Ex-Generals Challenge Bibi on Security

Against a soundtrack of dramatic music, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lists his government’s security accomplishments, declaring over the shouts of opposition lawmakers that his Likud Party has stopped terrorists, stood up to Iran and secured Israel’s borders.

Haredi Parties Embrace Taboos for Campaign Ads

The new campaign ad for the Ashkenazi haredi party UTJ features women and smartphones — two things normally discouraged in the haredi community.

Why Israel's Election Is All About Bibi

However much they disagree with his policies, opponents of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would surely admit he was right about one thing: These elections are all about him.

Why Is Religious Pluralism Not Issue in Israel Vote?

A flyer published in late February declared that liberal Jews — whether liberal Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, or otherwise — account for more than 600,000 Israelis. That many votes, the flyer said, could account for 10 seats in Knesset, a substantial party.

Israel's V15 Uses Barack Obama-Style Ground Game To Oust Benjamin Netanyahu

When he goes door to door in this city handing out campaign materials, Shai Gal doesn’t tell people to vote for Labor, Meretz or the other liberal parties vying for support ahead of Israel’s March 17 election.

Israelis Pull Super Bowl All-Nighter

There were wings, beers, giant TV screens, and football fans wearing Patriots sweatshirts. If not for the fact that it was 1 a.m. and Yair Lapid stood in the center of the bar, it could have been Anytown USA.

Israel Left Resurgent as Campaign Kicks Into Gear

Stav Shaffir was angry. The 29-year-old firebrand is known for her outbursts, which have gotten her kicked out of multiple Knesset hearings in the past year. But when she rose in the Knesset on Jan. 21 to answer Jewish Home party leader Naftali Bennett’s charge that she is post-Zionist, her impassioned rebuttal went viral.