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Shimon Peres and the Case for Unstoppable Israeli Optimism

Now that Peres is gone, Jane Eisner finds herself asking: Who will dream hopefully on behalf of all Israel’s people?

Soaring 80-Foot-High Gate Graced Biblical Israel’s Second City

A city gate and shrine from the 8th century BCE were discovered in the Tel Lachish archaeological park in south-central Israel, the site of an ancient city that was second to Jerusalem in importance.

A JCC Sprouts in Harlem as Jews Head (Back) Uptown

There were once set-in-stone dividing lines between the Jewish Upper West Side and predominantly black Harlem. But no more, with this week’s announcement that a Jewish community center will open this January, the product of a wave of gentrification.

Shimon Peres Slammed Donald Trump as ‘Unbelievable’ and ‘Ignorant’ in Last Interview

Donald Trump issued a statement Wednesday expressing his condolences for the death of Israel’s former president Shimon Peres. “He was a consummate statesman, a distinguished patriot and a friend of peace-loving people everywhere,” Trump said.


‘Alt-Right’ Hears Just Enough Dog Whistles To Stick With Donald Trump

Donald Trump may have angered some in the so called “alt-right” with his debate reference to the 400 pound hacker who may have been behind the DNC data breach, but most extreme-right activists were looking for other messages in Trump’s 90 minute performance.


Hasidic Swimming Pool Wars Rage in Brooklyn

Assemblyman Dov Hikind re-entered Brooklyn’s swim wars, today sending a letter to the New York City Parks Department demanding the expansion of women’s hours at the Metropolitan Recreation Center in Williamsburg.

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