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Why My Jewish Vote Feels Irrelevant During Primary Season

Jane Eisner envies voters in Iowa and New Hampshire, whose voices actually count during primary season. How can we change the system so that Jews’ and other minorities’ voices count, too?

GOP Senator Pushes To Allow 'Made in Israel' Labels for Settlement Products

A Customs reminder barring West Bank products from being labeled “Made in Israel,” has turned into a political fight with Republicans pushing forward a legislative measures in order to revoke the labeling rule.


Meet the Rabbi Who Asked Hillary Clinton a Question — and Got Whole Nation Thinking

Rabbi Jonathan Spira-Savett became an Internet sensation for a moment, when his Tuesday night question to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton at the CNN town hall event, turned out to produce a rare candid and reflective moment from the former secretary of state.


Revealed at Last! Inside the Kibbutz Where Bernie Sanders Lived and Learned Socialism

One of the biggest mysteries of the presidential campaign is now apparently solved.


2 Young Teen Israeli Arab Girls Stab Security Guard

Two Arab-Israeli teenage girls stabbed a security guard near the Ramle central bus station, police said.

Rescuer in George Washington Bridge Plunge Was 2009 'Miracle on the Hudson' Hero

Rescuers saved a woman who leapt from New York’s famed George Washington Bridge — and for one of them it wasn’t the first time playing hero on the Hudson.

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