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How Orthodox Money Is Reshaping Republican Politics

Republicans are taking a growing interest in Orthodox Jews — not only as voters, but also as key funders. How will this new breed of religious activism shape national politics?

For the Defense: Abbe Lowell (right) accompanies ex-AIPAC official Steven Rosen from the courtroom in 2005.

Abbe Lowell Is on a Legal Mission

Abbe Lowell has elite inside the Beltway legal credentials. But he is also taking aim at government secrecy and standing up for unpopular whistleblowers.

Remembering: A new monument to so-called righteous gentiles will rise near the museum of Jewish history in Warsaw.

Warsaw Ghetto Memorial to Righteous Suffers New Setback as Design Is Tossed

A planned monument to Poland’s ‘Righteous Gentiles’ was already under fire for its location on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto. Now it’s hit another roadblock.

After Baltimore Looting, One Jewish-Owned Business Asks: What's Next?

Dozens of businesses were looted amid violents riots in Baltimore this week. One Jewish-owned store, Sports Mart, asseses the damage — and wonders, what comes next?

Hundreds Protest Police Brutality Against Blacks — in Israel

Hundreds of Ethiopian-Israelis are protesting in front of Israel’s national police headquarters after a video showed officers punching and tackling a black male soldier for no apparent reason.