Forward Highlight

The New York Times Just Explained Why The Forward Matters So Much

It was with excitement but some trepidation last night that I began to read the online version of a [New York Times story] about The Forward.

Palestinian Diplomats Tweet Call For Destruction Of Israel

“Our goal is the end of Israel…We don’t want peace. We want war and victory,” the Palestinian mission to Colombia tweeted.

Woman Claims Elie Wiesel Sexually Assaulted Her At Charity Event

“If you are sad and in mourning for your lost icon, I am not to blame for taking him away from you,” she wrote. “I did not do it. He did.”


Israeli Defense Minister Asks Mattis To Build ‘Moderate’ Middle East Alliance

“The real division today, it’s not between Jews and Muslims or Christians, it’s not between Shiite or Sunni…but between moderate and radical people.”

‘Death To Jews’ Written On Door In Muslim Quarter Of Jerusalem’s Old City

The graffiti also included a swastika and the words “Hamas” and “Get out of Aksa,” a reference to the Temple Mount.

Hebrew University Organizes Argentina Cannabis Conference

Hebrew University is organizing Argentina’s first international conference on medicinal cannabis.

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