Young Palestinians Barred From Temple Mount Riot In East Jerusalem, West Bank

Tensions over the Israeli decision to put metal detectors on a Jerusalem site holy to both Jews and Muslims exploded into deadly clashes


This Poster Of A Jew And Muslim Kissing Caused A Scandal In Europe

Many Dutch Muslims were insulted that Muslim women were being depicting loving someone outside their community.

Senators Behind Anti-BDS Bill Say It Won’t Infringe On Free Speech

“We cannot state this strongly enough: the bill does not ‘punish U.S. persons based solely on their expressed political beliefs.’”

Jewish Senate Candidate Condemns ADL, Backs ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theorists

One conspiracy theorist backed by Josh Mandel claimed that “The ADL is trying to get people they disagree with murdered.”

Gay Israeli Celebs Decry Same-Sex Adoption Ban

“I call on you not to join the army! And you know what, not even to pay taxes on the money you will earn,” pop star Harel Skaat wrote on Facebook.

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