Forward Highlight

After the Iran Deal Drama Ends

EDITORIAL: The Jewish political world is focused on — and bitterly divided by — the Iran nuclear deal. Jane Eisner asks what happens on the day after this great inside-the-Beltway drama ends.

Relic of a Distant Past: The 200-year-old Stupava synagogue is one of the few of its type left in Europe.

In Search of Slovakia’s Jewish Heritage

Before World War II, the city of Stupava was home to a vibrant Jewish community. Now, one man is trying to revive its heritage, including a unique 200-year-old synagogue.

Is Orthodoxy on Brink of Historic Schism?

The ordination of Orthodox female religious leaders is only one manifestation of the growing split in the movement. Will it end with a formal division of the faith?

The Brave Life and Shocking Death of Faigy Mayer

Faigy Mayer was brave enough to leave the Hasidic world and build the facade of a normal life. What does her inner torment and suicide tell those who have traveled the same path — and the rest of us?

Is Love Winning in the Israel-Iran Social Media Wars?

While Israelis from left to right lamented the Iran nuclear deal, Ronny Edry spoke directly to Iranians. ‘We’re coming for Shabbat,’ he proclaimed on his controversial - but popular - ‘Israel-Loves-Iran’ Facebook page.

Closing Arguments Made in New Square Hasidic Abuse Trial

Did a respected Hasidic educator shamelessly abuse a boy for five years — or is his accuser a liar? A judge will decide after both sides made their closing arguments in a riveting trial.