Forward Highlight

A Disgraceful Imprisonment in Iran

EDITORIAL : Jason Rezaian’s only crime was being a journalist in Iran. Like life imitating Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater,’ his imprisonment makes us doubt that Tehran really wants better ties to the outside world.

Shul Fight: The proposed sale of this 18th century pair of silver Torah finials, or decorative bells, has sparked an ugly feud between two of America?s oldest Jewish congregations.

Synagogues Fight Over for Whom the Bells Toll

Two of America’s most venerable synagogues are set for a courtroom battle over a pair of silver Torah bells valued at $7 million. The nasty fight could determine whether one of the congregations survives.

Breathtaking Vista:_ Hikers take in the view of the town of Sanur from the ascent to Mount Hureish in the West Bank._

Hiking the Path of Abraham Through Unseen Corners of West Bank

‘Abraham Path,’ a community-based tourism project in the West Bank, takes hikers on the ancient road of the patriarch Abraham. Naomi Zeveloff went on the journey into the rarely seen heart of the Palestinian territory.

BDS Feud Returns to Brooklyn's Park Slope Food Coop

Monthly general meetings at the Park Slope Food Coop are usually staid affairs. Roughly 200 of the 16,500 members typically attend to discuss routine matters and get credit for the shift everyone is required to work. But last month’s meeting was different.

Barack Obama Says Israel Criticism Is Tough Love

In his first visit to a synagogue, Barack Obama sought to explain, not retract, his criticism of Israeli policies. He seemed to pass the test with flying colors.

Joe Lieberman Says Next President Will Be 'Closer' to Israel

Former U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman, in an interview with JTA, surmised that the next U.S. administration would be friendlier with Israel than the current one.