Forward Highlight

For Shame

There is a moral vacuum at the head of the republic. Donald Trump again refused to condemn Charlottesville’s white supremacists.

Netanyahu’s Son Won’t Stop Trolling People On Facebook

He said in response to Charlottesville that the Black Lives Matter movement is more dangerous than neo-Nazis.

Charlottesville Jews Were Forced Out The Back Door By Neo-Nazi Marchers

Alan Zimmerman, the synagogue’s president, said he and the rabbis were worried the building might be burned or congregants attacked.

Sebastian Gorka’s Wife Pushed Cuts To Group Fighting White Supremacists

“Their people talk about terrorism only in the context of Islamic extremism.”

Trump’s Delayed Condemnation Keeps White Supremacists Cheering Him On

Trump’s reluctance to condemn white nationalists is seen as a wink to the “alt-right.”


Charlottesville’s Jewish Mayor Becomes Unlikely Hero Of Struggle — And Target

Mayor Mike Signer’s Ph.D. dissertation was about how to fight demagogues — which he says prepared him for taking on Donald Trump and the “alt-right.”

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