Forward Highlight

Make Marriage Stronger for All

EDITORIAL : After the Supreme Court gave LGBT people the right to marry, Jane Eisner says it’s high time for liberals and conservatives to unite behind a pro-marriage agenda — for straight people, too.

Burt Shavitz, Burt's Bees Founder, Dies at 80

Burt Shavitz, the Jewish beekeeper and co-founder of the Burt’s Bees cosmetics company, has died.

Why Is This Fourth of July Different From All The Others?

As Independence Day, the fast of Tammuz and Shabbat all coincide, American Jews have the opportunity to both celebrate our religious freedom and retrace what we did when it was threatened.

Unity: Chaim David Zweibel of Agudath Israel of America (left), Allen Fagin of the OU (center) and UJA-Federation leader Eric Goldstein spearheaded the failed drive for legislation.

Did Jewish Groups Push Too Hard on N.Y. Education Tax Credit?

In a rare show of unity, the UJA-Federation joined with the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox to back tuition tax credits in New York. The initiative failed. Are aggressive tactics to blame?

Business Just Skyrocketed: Bruce Zolan's B.J. Alan Co. offers one of the country's widest arrays of consumer fireworks.

A Nice Jewish Guy Built A Booming Fireworks Business. Then the Tsarnaev Brothers Walked In.

Bruce Zoldan built a $100 million Jewish fireworks company from the trunk of his mother’s car. Business was booming — until the Tsarnaev brothers walked in as they plotted the Boston Marathon terror attack.

Claims Conference Ombudsman Says He Was Dumped Over Critical Report

Shmuel Hollander was abruptly dumped as ombudsman at the Claims Conference. Was he let go because he authored a critical report about the massive fraud the Holocaust restitution agency?