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Why Jewish Journalists Like Me Face Unprecedented Abuse

Nothing quite prepared Jane Eisner for the emails sent in the early hours of October 10 with messages such as: “Shana Tova, Dirty Hooknosed KIKE rat! MAY IT BE YOUR LAST!” A new ADL report codifies the online abuse of Jewish journalists. Is it Donald Trump’s fault?

WATCH: A Mystified Curt Schilling Asks Jake Tapper Why Jews Are Democrats

Former baseball player and sportscaster and current aspiring U.S. senator Curt Schilling can’t understand why Jews back Democrats when Democrats, he says, don’t back Israel.


Leaked Emails Say Hillary Clinton Will Patch Up Ties to Benjamin Netanyahu in First 100 Days

Hillary Clinton’s plan to meet the Israeli prime minister in her first month as president is listed high in an internal campaign memo outlining the priorities of her first 100 days — a sign of how important it is to repair U.S.-Israel tensions.


Bernie Sanders to Coke, Pepsi: I’m No Soda Shill

Coke and Pepsi are feeling the Bern this week, after Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders demanded in a cease and desist letter they stop using him in their ads against soda taxes in San Francisco and Oakland.

David Duke Makes It to Primetime for Louisiana Senate Debate — at Black College

After Wednesday’s debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, it might have seemed that we wouldn’t see the likes of it for a long time. But two weeks from now, Louisiana white supremacist and long-shot Senate candidate David Duke will take the debate stage with five of his rivals.


WATCH: Tens of Thousands Thank God for Harvest at Western Wall

Numbering in the tens of thousands, the group congregated to recite a special invocation – the birkat kohanim – that descendants of Judaism’s ancient priestly class chant in large public crowds around Sukkoth and Passover.

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