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Despite the Smiles, Trump And Bibi May Be Headed For A Clash

A shroud of uncertainty hangs over Wednesday’s meeting when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets Donald Trump as president for the first time.

Chicago Synagogues Still Waiting To Help Refugees Trump Left In Limbo

Eight refugee families, still in limbo. That is the situation Chicago synagogues are dealing with after having volunteered to sponsor them—about 35 people in all—since President Donald Trump issued his executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the United States.

How I Moved From Chicago to Nashville—And Found My Jewish Soul in a Red State

It was a Friday night in mid-August, and about a dozen Jews, most under 30, congregated around a coffee table in Nashville.

Trump Lashes Out At Ultra-Orthodox Reporter After Softball Question About Anti-Semitism

Jake Turx of Ami magazine got to ask President Trump a question, but Trump heard it as an accusation of personal anti-Semitism.

Fear Of Trump Is Pushing LGBQT Lovers To Rush To The Altar

On the night of Donald Trump’s election victory Karen Goldberg cried. She tried to sleep, but kept waking in starts of disbelief. Then she e-mailed her rabbi and told him that she wanted to get married as soon as possible.

Musing About ‘One State,’ Trump Stumbles Unwittingly Into Mideast Minefield

As he stood on the podium next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Donald Trump said he was open to new ideas that would bring Middle East peace. With that, he opened the door to a whole new maze of complexity and risk.

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