The Sisterhood

Tel Aviv Women Don Red Cloaks To Promote ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

What are the female slaves of an American Christian theocracy doing in Tel Aviv? Attracting a lot of attention, apparently.

‘This Is Not The Moment,’ To Lift Our Ban On Performing Interfaith Weddings

The Jewish Theological Seminary affirms that the study of Torah, the sacred wisdom of our people, and the performance of mitzvot, Judaism’s sanctified pattern of religious practice, stand at the very core of Jewish identity. Torah and mitzvot have always been the foundation of the Jewish people’s covenant with God, guiding and sustaining us for three millennia in nearly every corner of the globe. They remain so today. Individuals from other backgrounds are warmly invited to join the covenant through conversion. There is also much that Jews can and must do to signal our respect and welcome for non-Jews in our community, whether or not they choose to become Jewish. What we must not do is to abandon the core beliefs and practices which are the very foundation of Jewish life.

Why Is One Pro-Israel Group Desperate To Keep You From Watching This Video?

Pro-Israel organizations are doing everything they can to prevent Jews — and members of Congress — from merely hearing Palestinian perspectives.


Fresno State Professors Must Stop Pushing Anti-Israel Conspiracy Theories

Hundreds of academics believe, without evidence, that pro-Israel groups pushed Fresno State to suspend the search for a Middle East Studies professor.


Jane Looking Forward: The Debate On Intermarriage, Birth Control And More

The Forward’s editor-in-chief shares her insights on this week’s top news.

The Religious Argument For Supporting Contraception

The debate on accessible birth control has been framed as if it’s the faithful versus the godless, but that is far from the case.

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