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Help! I Think My Mom Lied About Being Jewish

My mom always said we were Jewish. And then my son began digging around in our ancestry and discovered otherwise.


Why We Shouldn't Accept Rabbis Who Marry Non-Jews

Reconstructionists have decided to permit intermarried rabbis. Jane Eisner says this dramatic change risks diminishing our religious leadership at a time when we need it the most.


Does Doctors Without Borders Strike Reveal U.S. Double Standard on Israel?

One of the low points of last year’s Gaza war was Israel’s August 3 strike outside a United Nations school in the city of Rafah. The strike, meant to hit a military target according to the Israel Defense Forces, killed at least 10 people and injured dozens. It was the latest in a string of Israeli bombs to hit U.N. facilities.


Why Secular-to-Orthodox Memoirs Matter

Why don’t we see more memoirs by Jews who went from secular to Orthodox? Julie Sugar outlines five worries about writing those stories — and explains why you should do it anyway.


Why I Love Article VI — and You Should, Too

EDITORIAL: Thanks to Republican candidate Ben Carson, Article VI of the Constitution has been rescued from obscurity. Jane Eisner explains why she’s so obsessed with this 20-word phrase.


Why Israelis Are Fearing a Third Intifada

Four Israelis have died in two terror attacks over three days. Is the slow-burning Israeli-Palestinian conflict flaming up into another Intifada?

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