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Should I Tell My Girlfriend to Cover Up for Hanukkah?

I’m dating a non-Jewish woman and she doesn’t dress particularly modestly. Seesaw, should I tell her to tone it down for our family Hanukkah party?

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Talking About Radical Islam

Shai Held says ‘radical Islam’ is every bit as real and dangerous as ‘radical Judaism’ — even though misguided liberals and reactionary conservatives both refuse to see that.


What Donald Trump Can Learn from Hanukkah

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump and others like him should study the holiday of Hanukkah — not for its cute tale about a jug of oil, but for its warnings about creating civil war.


Jews From Arab Lands Got Their Refugee Day — But Is It Zionist?

Of all days to commemorate the near-disappearance of Jewish communities in Arab countries, why choose November 30? Shayna Zamkanei argues that the date signifies a radical departure from the tenets of Zionism.


Does Hillary Clinton Have a Haim Saban Problem?

Haim Saban, one of Hillary Clinton’s top donors, may be aligned with the Democratic Party. But when it comes to Mideast politics, he’s far from a progressive.


Why Women of the Wall Must Continue — Terror Attacks or No

Should Women of the Wall put their agenda aside while Israel suffers under a wave of terror attacks? For Shira Pruce, the answer is always the same: No.

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