The Sisterhood

Gingham on the Etro runway.

Vichy is Trending. Say What Now?

Zara sells gingham. Nothing to see here.

How Did Jewish Cemeteries Become Battlegrounds For Bigots — Again?

Desecrating a cemetery is a heinous and cowardly act. That is why the vandalism in Jewish cemeteries in St. Louis and now Philadelphia demands response — and soul-searching.

St. Louis Cemetery Push Shows How Jews Can Build Alliances With Muslims

Thousands of Muslims recently donated more than $120,000 to help support the cleanup and restoration of hundreds of desecrated graves at the Chessed Shel Emeth cemetery in St. Louis.

How Purim Is A Call To Leadership

  — Purim is a dark story marked by a crazy party. I’m still unsure why a close brush with extermination became, in the Middle Ages, an opportunity for costumes and farce, but there you have it. It’s the fifth century BCE, about a hundred years after the First Temple’s destruction. The Jews who…

Mister President, Journalists Are Our Allies, Not Our Enemies

The repeated attacks on the news-media by the President of the United States are dangerous, and represents an attack on America itself.

How Ivanka Trump Revamped The Role Of The ‘Daddy’s Girl’

It is a new and modern dynamic — the powerful woman and the powerful (or, at least, powerfully influential) father. Now, for perhaps the first time, we are seeing that particular dynamic play out on a global stage.

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