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Should I Tell My Girlfriend to Cover Up for Hanukkah?

I’m dating a non-Jewish woman and she doesn’t dress particularly modestly. Seesaw, should I tell her to tone it down for our family Hanukkah party?

Why I Am Pro-Life and Support Planned Parenthood

Extremists hope to use violence to prevent women from having access to safe and legal abortions. After the latest attack on Planned Parenthood, Jane Eisner explains why Judaism tells us we can be pro-choice and pro-life.


4 Mistakes To Avoid When Talking About Radical Islam

Shai Held says ‘radical Islam’ is every bit as real and dangerous as ‘radical Judaism’ — even though misguided liberals and reactionary conservatives both refuse to see that.


What Donald Trump Can Learn from Hanukkah

EDITORIAL: Donald Trump and others like him should study the holiday of Hanukkah — not for its cute tale about a jug of oil, but for its warnings about creating civil war.


Jews From Arab Lands Got Their Refugee Day — But Is It Zionist?

Of all days to commemorate the near-disappearance of Jewish communities in Arab countries, why choose November 30? Shayna Zamkanei argues that the date signifies a radical departure from the tenets of Zionism.


Why Women of the Wall Must Continue — Terror Attacks or No

Should Women of the Wall put their agenda aside while Israel suffers under a wave of terror attacks? For Shira Pruce, the answer is always the same: No.

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