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What Should I Tell My Toddler About Santa?

We’re going to the in-laws for Christmas and my son’s cousins believe in Santa. What, if anything, should I tell him about jolly old St. Nick?

Will Bill Clinton’s Spiritual Masterpiece Humanize Hillary for America?

Love him or hate him, former President Bill Clinton delivered a masterpiece of oration last night, a “Checkers” speech for the 21st century. He also reminded us why the spiritual is political and the political is spiritual.


Tim Kaine’s Very Talmudic Approach to Politics

Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s pick for vice president, is a devout Catholic who sings tenor in the choir of the church he has attended for 30 years. But he has a very Jewish way of squaring faith and politics.


The Tim Kaine I’ve Known for Decades Is a True Friend of the Jews

Tim Kaine is one of the best people I know. 

Both Republicans and Democrats Went Backward on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Now What?

Only President Obama can help us now — and only if he acts fast, Sam Bahour and Geoffrey Lewis write.


The Inconvenient Truths Stalking Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Convention

It’s hard to be a cheerleader when the world’s about to end.

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