The Sisterhood

Bridal looks by Pakistani fashion designer Wardha Saleem.

Mixing Modesty And Modernity With The Pantskirt (Skirtpant?)

A thoughtful essay takes on religious identity and Jerusalem clothes-shopping.

Look For The #SilverLining

Most of us in journalism did go into the profession only to write stories about people behaving badly, or only to rail against injustice, or only to point out all of society’s flaws. But too often the magnetic pull of the negative becomes the default definition of “news” and journalism fails to make enough room to celebrate and inspire the good that is happening all around us, even if we don’t quite notice.

Heed Joe Lieberman’s Warning On Biological Weapons

Most security experts say the risk of terrorists using bio weapons is low. That may change with the proliferation of genetic engineering tech.

Arthur Szyk’s Anti-Fascist Imagery Deserves Another Look

Through the stroke of a brush, artists have the power to promote understanding and influence public opinion. In an age when images and text bombard us from every corner, we too often devalue the cultural and political importance of art and its ability to bring people together.

How Trump Desecrates Memory Of Holocaust Survivors — Despite Fine Words

President Trump went to the Holocaust Museum yesterday to praise the courage of survivors like Gerda Weissmann Klein. But had he been president when she was trying to get to America, he never would have let her and many others like her in the country.

Fake History, À La Française: Marine Le Pen Plays Fast And Loose With The Holocaust

On July 16-17, 1942, some 9,000 French police rounded up and arrested 13,000 French Jews, the majority of them women and children. Held briefly in inhumane conditions at the Vélodrome d’Hiver stadium, these Jews would soon be deported East, most never to return. French police acted under the supervision not of the Nazis, but of the wartime Vichy regime — the authoritarian, anti-Semitic French government of Marshal Philippe Pétain that eagerly collaborated with German occupying forces.

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