The Sisterhood

We Need To Talk About Child Marriage

In the next year alone, about 15 million girls will be married before they turn 18. In fact, that’s exactly what happened to my grandmother, Beatrice.

The March For Racial Justice Just Welcomed Jews Back Into The Left

I was thrilled at the announcement and apology from the people behind the March for Racial Justice when they scheduled their march on Yom Kippur

I’m Black, Jewish And Gay — And Food Is My Weapon Against Bigotry

A culinary historian responds to the violence in Charlottesville through a deeply personal lens, and suggests that food offers a point of connection.

What Growing Up Under Apartheid Taught Me About Trump’s ‘Fine People’

Trump was saying something important. Fine people can believe monstrous things.


My Fellow Orthodox Jews: Admit You Were Wrong About Trump

For two years, I have been grappling with how to relate to my fellow Orthodox Jews who cannot see Donald Trump for what he is.


Why Charles Jordan’s Death Remains A Puzzling Cold War Mystery

“Over the decades, explanations worthy of a John LeCarré novel have attached themselves to the mystery of Jordan’s death.”

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