The Sisterhood

How Israeli Soldier Became America’s Favorite Gun Pin-Up Girl

When it comes to women posing with firearms, the United States is fully loaded.

No, modesty won’t protect you from the Harvey Weinsteins. But this might.

Mayim Bialik wrote about how her modest ways protected her from the Harvey Weinsteins of the world. But other religious laws work much better.


Jane Looking Forward: When two Orthodox Jewish women disagree on birth control

Jane Eisner, the Forward’s editor-in-chief, reflects on the Jewish arguments for and against religious exemptions for birth control coverage.


My #MeToo Moment Still Haunts Me — Even Four Decades Later

It started when I was 22 years old, first job fresh out of graduate school, alone in a strange city, ambitious, naïve.


Palestinian Women Are Harassed And Humiliated At Checkpoints. Here Are A Few Of Their Stories.

A collection of first-person accounts of Palestinian women’s issues at Israeli checkpoints.


My Disabled Children Were Ostracized — By The Orthodox

My children are now doubly ostracized, because of their developmental differences and financial ones

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