We Asked 27 Rabbis: What Is The One Lesson Jews Today Need To Learn From The Talmud?

Our Rabbi Roundtable largely agreed there is a very important lesson the Talmud can provide us in today’s divisive times.

Al Franken Shouldn’t Resign — Yet

All weekend I read about Al Franken and pondered whether the 2006 groping incident was severe enough to cause him to resign his U.S. Senate seat.


The Murky Question Of Al Franken’s Sexual Misconduct: Should He Resign?

Jane Eisner, the Forward’s editor-in-chief, reflects on Al Franken’s accused sexual impropriety.

Israel Just Decided To Expel African Refugees. So Much For ‘Never Again’

My family were refugees that came to Israel. Now the government turns away those who are.


No, The Orthodox Don’t Hate Muslims

Many believe that Orthodox and haredi Jews hate Muslims, or that we stoke hatred towards Muslims in our communities. It’s simply false, if widespread.

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