The Sisterhood

From left to right: Homa Sabet Tavangar, Kameelah Rashad, Eileen Flanagan, and Jaskiran Kaur

Philadelphia Rabbi Celebrates New Women’s Interfaith Initiative

Application essays mentioned ‘the times we live in’.

Letter to the Editor: Liberals Should Support a One State Solution

As liberals, we should be calling for this recognition of de facto annexation. That doesn’t mean acceptance, but it would force the issue and forestall the continued slow motion annexation and ethnic cleansing which are the reality of the expanded settlement project.

Trump, The Jews And The Political Weaponization Of Anti-Semitism

Was that so hard? At some point in the past week, it looked like President Donald Trump was never going to use “anti-Semitism” in a sentence. It took a fourth series of hoax bomb threats at JCCs around the country and imprecations from Jewish groups across the ideological spectrum for the president to at…

Yes, Trump Finally Denounced Anti-Semitism. But Is It Enough?

President Trump’s belated denunciation of anti-Semitism is welcome and necessary. But for Jane Eisner, that’s only the first step.

GOP Bigots Next Plan To Gut Legal Immigration

While fury over illegal immigration diverted Americans, two GOP senators quietly introduced a bill to slash in half legal immigration.

The Political Rabbi’s Survival Guide

When you preach about politics, don’t mention the names of politicians or political parties. Just talk about policies, values and ideas.

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