The Sisterhood

That Time I Shaved My Head

A touching, humorous essay by a Hasidic woman on the pros and cons of staying hairless under your wig or snood.

This Passover, Remember The Past But Fight For The Future

With more refugees in the world today than ever before in history, and the future of America’s commitment to being a safe haven to people fleeing persecution dangerously threatened, Passover could not be more resonant.

Why Fury Over Emmett Till Artwork At Whitney Biennial Is So Dangerous

The fury provoked by a painting depicting the body of Emmett Till highlights the authoritarianism, intolerance and hypocrisy of the anti-“appropriation” crusade.

How Jewish Groups Are Perpetuating A Myth About Trump And Anti-Semitism

An unfortunate side effect of the Trump-effect has been the total politicalization of Jewish groups with a mission to fight anti-Semitism.

The Israeli Settler Movement Isn’t Much Of A Movement

Contrary to what many supporters and opponents of settlement think, it is time to admit that Israeli colonization is running out of steam.

What Happens When Jewish Anti-Semitism Causes Terror?

The fact that a Jewish Israeli American is charged with making JCC bomb threats is confusing, infuriating and, yes, deeply embarrassing.

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