The SeeSaw

Which Heaven Should I Believe In — If Any?

I grew up with a Jewish mother and non-practicing Catholic father. I have found myself confused about God and whether there is an afterlife. Seesaw, where to from here?

Supply Kurds and Protect Israeli Druze

Terrorists have taken advantage of the instability, and have made dramatic territorial gains in Syria and Iraq. They now threaten two minorities — Kurds and Druze.

Appeal to Authority

Wronged Women

A “Non-Zionist Synagogue”: Who Owns the Flag?

The term, “non-Zionist synagogue” is problematic. If there can be a “non-Zionist synagogue,” the implication is that there are “Zionist synagogues.” And although individuals may identify themselves as Zionists or not, congregations are neither; they are Jewish — and they welcome people of differing viewpoints, particularly when it comes to Zionism.

The Morning After the Iran Deal Drama Ends

EDITORIAL: The Jewish political world is focused on — and bitterly divided by — the Iran nuclear deal. Jane Eisner asks what happens on the day after this great inside-the-Beltway drama ends.