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DVF, care to reconsider?

Sisterhood Picks of the Week

Yes, Twitter did point out the irony.

For Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews, Whiteness Was a Fragile Identity Long Before Trump

Sigal Samuel says today’s white supremacist surge is pushing Ashkenazim into the racially ambiguous space occupied by Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews.


The ‘Real’ Benjamin Netanyahu Shows Brusque Side — and Steps on His Own Message

The real Bibi was on display as he addressed the International Jewish Media Summit in Jerusalem Tuesday night.


Bibi and Barack Agree 100% — on Bagels!

Scoff if you like, but this is something I do. I’m a Jewish journalist. We care about our food.


How Jews Became White Folks — and May Become Nonwhite Under Trump

Karen Brodkin, who literally wrote the book on how Ashkenazi Jews came to be considered white, now doubts whether that status will last.


That Time I Spoke at the Knesset — and Israeli Lawmakers Seemed to Listen

Israelis don’t have to share American Jews’ anxiety over a Trump presidency, but some are acknowledging it, as Jane Eisner found out.

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