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What Should I Tell My Toddler About Santa?

We’re going to the in-laws for Christmas and my son’s cousins believe in Santa. What, if anything, should I tell him about jolly old St. Nick?

It’s Time Orthodox Jews Speak Out Against Shomrim Patrol

A young gay black man who got beat up in Williamsburg is probably wondering why the Hasidic Shomrim will apparently not be serving time in jail — but Orthodox Jews know why, Michael Lesher argues.

Why Do Jewish Leaders Keep Ignoring Ultra-Orthodox Education Crisis?

The New York State Legislature is considering two bills to push nonpublic schools to meet minimum education standards. But Jewish groups’ inaction could threaten the bills’ future, Seth Kaplan and Naftuli Moster write.


First They Came for the Transgender People…

The bathroom debate will end up harming not only trans people, but all Jews, Ari Paul writes. Just look at Nazi Germany.


How Bend the Arc Is Fighting Donald Trump

It’s time to do the real work needed to defeat Donald Trump. Nobody is doing that work better than Bend the Arc, Menachem Creditor writes.

Hillary and Bernie, Don’t Hand Election to Donald Trump on a Silver Platter!

It’s been assumed that only a miracle could land Donald Trump in the Oval Office. The Democrats are hard at work concocting that miracle, J.J. Goldberg writes.

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