The Sisterhood

Amanda Chantal Bacon, of Moon Juice

Is Moon Juice Kosher?

A brilliant essay takes on pseudoscience as promoted across the US political spectrum.

Peace In Israel Starts With An Apology

We’re ready for a the latest model of Israeli policy…if only fractured peace was as easy to fix as a BMW.

What Trump Gets Wrong About The Middle East

Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia failed to address one of the root causes of extremism: the very monarchs and autocrats who assembled to hear him.

This Week In Anti-Semitism: Conspiracy Theories Abound

This week saw a kippah-wearing man attacked, a French Orthodox murder conspiracy and a Bulgarian politician “horsing around” at Buchenwald.

‘Modest’ Ivanka Trump Did Nothing Wrong At Western Wall

Speculation was rife, as to whether the Trumps would obey the gender separation rule

On JFK’s 100th Birthday, Read His Favorite Biblical Passages

Only six days after Kennedy’s assassination, Forverts editor-in-chief Simon Weber wrote about President Kennedy’s favorite biblical passages.

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