The Sisterhood

Maureen Chiquet, in front of a photo of Coco Chanel.

Maureen Chiquet: French Elegance From An American Jewish Woman

Experience with an anti-Semitic high school bully wound up making her a better leader.

Why Holocaust Remembrance Remains So Important

The challenge of assuring that ‘never again’ has meaning is to fight back and shine a light on the dark forces that bully minorities.

Trump’s Washington Reminds This Rabbi Of Modern-Day Sodom

The Talmud posits that the Sodomites developed an elaborate ruse to exploit the poor under false pretenses. Sound familiar?

What Is the Omer And Why Should You Love It Like I Do?

First off, you should know that the Omer — or as it’s more properly known Sefirat HaOmer, “The Counting of the Omer” — is a calendar mechanism that takes us from matzo to cheesecake.

EU Surprisingly Comes To Israel’s Aid With Anti-BDS Move

Defying attempts to boycott Israeli products, the European Union has, finally, officially rejected all boycott initiatives.

Look For The #SilverLining

Most of us in journalism didn’t go into the profession only to write stories about people behaving badly, or only to rail against injustice, or only to point out all of society’s flaws. But too often the magnetic pull of the negative becomes the default definition of “news” and journalism fails to make enough room to celebrate and inspire the good that is happening all around us, even if we don’t quite notice.

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