The Sisterhood

Former Democratic Congressman Gary Condit has returned himself to the news cycle.

Gary Condit Goes On Dr. Phil To Promote Book, His Own Innocence

Why is he on Dr. Phil, you might wonder? Is it that with the charges dropped against Guandique, the mystery lives on?

Israel Has Disappeared From the Presidential Campaign. Should We Care?

In a presidential campaign with an unprecedented number of pointed words and phrases living on as unpleasant hashtags — Loser. Crooked. Deplorables. Nasty woman. Build the wall. Putin’s puppet — Israel barely rates a mention.


The Forward’s Responsibility to Expose Campus Anti-Semitism

The Forward’s response to CUNY’s anti-Semitism report is both perplexing and troubling.


Hey, Curt Schilling, Let Me Tell You About American Jews

Curt Schilling asked Jake Tapper why Jews vote for a Democratic party which is “so clearly anti-Israel, so clearly anti-Jewish Israel.” This is my answer to Schilling.

After Winning the Election, Here’s How Democrats Can Prevent the Next Donald Trump

In victory, Clinton should seize her opportunity to reach across the aisle and address the divisiveness that spawned the Trump phenomenon, J.J. Goldberg writes.


Does Donald Trump Realize Jewish Refugees Were Also Called ‘Trojan Horses’?

At the debate, Trump called Syrian refugees the ‘greatest Trojan Horse of all time.’ Jews know a little something about that line.

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