The Sisterhood

Meet The Fairy Godmother Of The New York Jewish Singles Scene

Think of her as a superheroine whose power is making marriage happen.

Who Did and Didn’t Sign Congress’s Jewish Rebuke of Trump? Why on Elvis’s Yahrzeit?

The map of Jewish members of Congress is a map of Jewish America. But two are from tiny Memphis Jewry. Is that connected to the mystery of Elvis?

Richard Spencer Might Be The Worst Person In America. But He Might Also Be Right About Israel

Richard Spencer went on Israeli TV and compared white supremacists to Israel. Was he right?


When Silence on Evil Is Evil: A GOP Leader Speaks

The most piercing comment yet on the Trump-Charlottesville crisis came from top GOP strategist Steve Schmidt in an MSNBC panel discussion. Here it is.

Will Jewish Megadonors Keep Enabling Trump After Charlottesville?

Republicans don’t feel like they need to take drastic actions like this for one big reason: Donors


This Jewish Group Has Failed to Condemn Trump’s Defense of Nazis

Almost all the American Jewish groups have come out against Trump’s defense of white supremacy. But some are silent

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