Actually, Steve Bannon Is Not An Anti-Semite. He’s Something Worse.

Jews — remembering our history — should never embrace people who encourage bigotry against others.


We Asked Readers If They Thought Franken Should Resign. Here’s What They Said.

Partisanship has taken center stage in the debate surrounding Al Franken’s political future.


Was Charles Manson The Forefather Of The Alt Right?

Was Charles Manson the forefather of today’s neo nazis and alt right figures?


I Hid From Neo-Nazis In Poland. But They Found Me Online

I came to Warsaw because I didn’t believe what I’d been told about anti-Semitism. If the march wasn’t enough, the response to my piece certainly was.


A Trans Woman Was Just Kicked Out Of A Jewish Facebook Group For Women

When the group is called Jewish Women Talk About Anything, excluding transgender women is a powerful statement.

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