The SeeSaw

Which Heaven Should I Believe In — If Any?

I grew up with a Jewish mother and non-practicing Catholic father. I have found myself confused about God and whether there is an afterlife. Seesaw, where to from here?

The Morning After the Iran Deal Drama Ends

EDITORIAL: The Jewish political world is focused on — and bitterly divided by — the Iran nuclear deal. Jane Eisner asks what happens on the day after this great inside-the-Beltway drama ends.

Why Faigy Mayer's Death Should Haunt All Jews

It’s easy to point fingers at ultra-Orthodox groups for the death of Faigy Mayer. Shulem Deen writes that the entire Jewish world must start pushing for freedom within the Hasidic world — or else we all share the blame for tragedies like hers.

Why Does My Hillel Favor Orthodox Over Reform?

Hillels are supposed to be pluralistic environments on college campuses. But Stanford student Emma Neiman says that her university’s Hillel favors Orthodoxy.

Israel Security Establishment Breaks With Bibi on Iran Deal

Israel’s political leaders have lined up against the Iran deal. Not so its security establishment, which is urging Benjamin Netanyahu to work with the U.S. rather than fight a quixotic battle to scuttle the agreement, J.J. Goldberg reports.

The Whole Orthodox World Is Complicit in Faigy Mayer's Death

Ysoscher Katz, who left the ultra-Orthodox community, explains why everyone in that world is complicit in Faigy Mayer’s death — and how we can prevent similar tragedies in the future.