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What Should I Tell My Toddler About Santa?

We’re going to the in-laws for Christmas and my son’s cousins believe in Santa. What, if anything, should I tell him about jolly old St. Nick?

How Marco Rubio's Words Resonate With My Jewish Family

Marco Rubio, who finished a strong third in the Iowa caucus, represents a new kind of American story — one that appeals to Karol Markowicz’s immigrant roots.


How We’re Failing Jews with Disabilities

Kicking off Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, Ari Ne’eman points out the glaring omissions in our policies that hinder the full inclusion of Jews with disabilities.


Why New Kotel Plan Deserves a Cautious Hallelujah

The ‘liberation’ of the Kotel has always been a largely Diasporic fight, and as such, was bound to be laden with compromise, Jane Eisner writes.


Turning the Kotel Into a Haredi Synagogue Is Bad for Men, Too

Now that there will be a secondary space to which one can banish the Kotel’s undesirables, will others be shunted away — including certain men?


Is This Painting Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic, Both or Neither?

Canadian film mogul Paul Bronfman is pulling his support for York University because of a painting he describes as ‘pure hate.’ Mira Sucharov asks whether he really understands the artwork.

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