The Sisterhood

How Israeli Soldier Became America’s Favorite Gun Pin-Up Girl

When it comes to women posing with firearms, the United States is fully loaded.

Does Chabad annoy you? Check your privilege.

We ask because we know that for every “no” or angry, privileged Jew who stomps off, there’s another Jew who has never had access to a set of tefillin.


The Conservative Movement Can, And Should, Welcome The Intermarried

We invite the non-Jewish partner who seeks rabbinic officiation to share responsibility with the rabbi by studying Judaism

Why Israel especially must stand for the Rohingya

As a social activist and an Orthodox settler, we are united in reminding Israel — arms suppliers of Myanmar — that “Never Again” applies to all people

The OU Is Right: Orthodox Women Shouldn’t Be Rabbis

Even though women can carry out a rabbi’s tasks, they still must not be ordained, from a strictly Orthodox point of view.


No, modesty won’t protect you from the Harvey Weinsteins. But this might.

Mayim Bialik wrote about how her modest ways protected her from the Harvey Weinsteins of the world. But other religious laws work much better.

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