No, It’s Not Anti-Semitic To Schedule Your March For Yom Kippur

The truth is, it simply is not anti-Semitic for an organization to schedule a march, a rally, a demonstration, or an action on Yom Kippur

What The Shofar Tries To Tell Us About Deadly Hurricanes

When the shofar heralds the new year, the congregation recites: This day the world is born — or, in modern Hebrew, destroyed.

This New Year, Let’s Appreciate Living In The Best Moment In Jewish History

This is the best moment in Jewish history. And so my first wish for the new year is that these blessings continue.


What Bibi Said At The UN Was True — And That’s Horrifying

He came to New York to celebrate the fact that the world doesn’t really care about the Palestinians. And he’s right.


Should Rabbis Be Preaching Politics From The Pulpit?

This week, we asked you whether Rabbis should be preaching politics from the pulpit. Here are some of your answers:

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