The Israeli Settler Movement Isn’t Much Of A Movement

Contrary to what many supporters and opponents of settlement think, it is time to admit that Israeli colonization is running out of steam.

What Happens When Jewish Anti-Semitism Causes Terror?

The fact that a Jewish Israeli American is charged with making JCC bomb threats is confusing, infuriating and, yes, deeply embarrassing.

Goodbye, Jimmy Breslin, Gruff Mensch

Jimmy Breslin got off his ass and slogged to funerals and accident sites and crime scenes behind the yellow tape (and plenty of dive bars) to piss off the privileged and champion the unfortunate, relentlessly attacking the former and lifting up the latter.

Getting The Shift: Father And Daughter Doctors Debate Intern Workloads

Peter D. Kramer, author of “Listening To Prozac,” and his daughter debate work hours for medical interns, the first-year trainees who do much of the hands-on work with patients.

Letter To The Editor: Why JVP Invited Rasmea Odeh To Speak

That Rasmea Odeh was convicted — and therefore labeled a “terrorist” — evades the awful truths and broader context of what military rule does to people.

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