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My Mom Ate Ribs On Yom Kippur And Made Me Lie About It

My mom’s Yom Kippur rebellion ranks as her worst; the first of many “don’t tell your father,” mother-daughter moments.

Stormfront To Hold White Supremacist Conference On Yom Kippur

“Rest assured that no Jews, race mixers, or homosexuals will be present at this event.”

Live From New York, It’s Gal Gadot

Israeli actress Gal Gadot, known the world over as Wonder Woman, will host Saturday Night Live.

Pussyhat Founder Takes On Immigration In New Blanket Project

“When my grandparents arrived in the U.S., they were greeted by the Statue of Liberty. But noone is there to to welcome today’s refugees at LAX.”

Should We Forgive Jerry Seinfeld For Refusing To Hug Kesha?

During the Yomin Norayim, the Schmooze takes stock of those who have sinned — and decide whether or not they deserve our forgiveness.

How Black Culture Taught Me What It Means To Be Jewish

“White was an aggressive inability to dance on beat. White was loving Tabasco hot sauce — the red kind! Nothing seemed worse than being white.”

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