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Israel's Top Tables and All the Weekly Dish

Critic picks Israel’s hottest tables, Dodger’s stadium gets kosher option, plus everything happening in the world of Jewish food.

The Fight for Planned Parenthood is Far From Over

The vote to defund Planned Parenthood may have failed, but some Republicans have vowed to keep fighting, going so far as to threaten a government shutdown.

Amazon's Wishy-Washy Response to Woody Allen Accusations

When asked about whether allegations Allen’s history of sexual assault against Dylan Farrow impacted Amazon’s decision to approach Allen, the studio gave a wishy-washy answer.

Why Supporting Planned Parenthood is a Jewish Issue

It’s not just the survival of Planned Parenthood that’s at stake, writes Nancy Kaufman, but the survival of religious liberty. As Jewish women, we must make our voices heard.

Enjoy Fun Lady Science With Megan Amram

Megan Amram, creator of ‘Science…For Her’ is back! Her new webs-series ‘Experimenting with Megan Amram,’ teaches us to build a biological potato clock.

On 'Daily Show,' Amy Schumer Continues To Discuss Gun Violence

Following her press conference on gun violence in America, Amy Schumer continued to discuss the subject on Monday night’s appearance on ‘The Daily Show.’