Rukhl Schaechter

New Festival Celebrates Hebrew Language and Culture

An all-Hebrew performance of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ marked the opening of a two-week festival aiming to raise the profile of the Hebrew language in North America.

How Family Holocaust Stories Became Multimedia Art Exhibit

Aliza Augustine and Janet R. Kirchheimer grew up hearing stories about the Holocaust from family members. Today the two women share those stories through photography, poetry and film.

Simcha Rotem, who fought in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, signs letter asking government to reconsider decision to put monument to non-Jews who rescued Jews in so-called ‘zone of memory.’

Polish Jews Protest Monument to Righteous Gentiles in Warsaw Ghetto

Plans to erect a monument to Righteous Gentiles next to the newly dedicated Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews is evoking a growing anger – not only in Poland, but abroad as well.

Forgotten Hero? Jan Karski, the famed Polish resistance fighter, warned the world about Nazi atrocities.

Jan Karski's Relatives Angry at 'Snub' by Polish Jewish Museum

Iconic Polish resistance leader Jan Karski is honored at the just-opened Jewish history museum in Warsaw. So why do his relatives accuse the museum of snubbing them?

Why Rabbi Ysoscher Katz Left Satmars for Progressive Start-Up Synagogue

Rabbi Ysoscher Katz grew up among the ultra-Orthodox Satmar Jews. He now serves as a leader of a progressive synagogue that allows women to lead some prayers.

Some Truth in Jest: Though mourning ceremonies are becoming less rigid in their ritual, few would go so far as including a mariachi band such as the one featured in the 2007 comedy ?My Mexican Shivah.?

Shiva Shifts Toward Shorter and Livelier Jewish Mourning for Dead

Shiva used to be a strictly choreographed week of mourning. Many families now wrap things up in three days, with catered deli food, some smiles and little solemn prayer.

Rapping About ‘My Yiddishe Mame’

Mayer Goldberg knocks out a mean version of ‘Mein Yiddishe Mama.’ But he’s topped by a young Jewish rapper who tells about his youthful rebellion in hip-hop style.

Tender Tradition: Deb Tambor would bring a cup of coffee every morning to her boyfriend, Abe Weiss. When she didn?t show up on Friday, Abe Weiss feared the worst.

How Deb Tambor's Life Ended — and Started Firestorm in Hasidic New Square

Deb Tambor’s boyfriend recounts finding the ex-Hasidic woman’s dead body surrounded by empty bottles of prescription pills. Her apparent suicide sparked a firestorm for family and friends.

Young Philadelphians Volunteer in Israeli Partner City Netivot

Partnerships between American and Israeli cities are common. But few are as strong as Philadelphia and Netivot, which recently hosted 15 student volunteers.

Pressure To Leave: Dagestan?s Jews have faced pressure to leave amid mounting violence.

Chabad Rabbi Shot in Dagestan Taken to Israel for Treatment

The Foverts has learned that Rabbi Ovadia Isakov, the Chabad emissary who was critically wounded in the southern Russian Republic of Dagestan, was brought Thursday to Israel for medical treatment, according to the chief rabbi of the Russian military, Aharon Gurevich.