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Rabbi Yael Levy

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When I learned I was going to be losing my hair permanently, I never asked, “Why me?” In many ways, the decision to be a bald woman in public has felt like a natural extension of my spiritual practice, a theory-meets-practice litmus test. “Owning” my baldness feels true and authentic. In my studies with Rabbi Yael Levy, I have both learned and experienced that Jewish mindfulness practice connects me to lessons and messages given through our ancestors. I’ve experienced firsthand the power of compassion, love, strength, gratitude and grace expressed toward me and, in turn, from me. I am certain that my ability to draw strength to accept the twists and turns of my own story so far has been eased by Rabbi Yael’s teachings. I am so grateful.

— Bea Leopold and three others

Rabbi Yael Levy

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Rabbi Yael Levy

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