Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs

Location: Washington, DC
Category: Advocacy or Public Service

Michael Makovsky CEO & Executive Director

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs is a prominent conservative think tank concerned with American national security, cooperation with democratic allies and the relationship between Israel and the United States. Founded in 1976 in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War, JINSA has expanded its portfolio to include not only Israeli-American security ties but also general American national security policy. JINSA publishes the semiannual Journal of International Security Affairs and coordinates meetings between American and Israeli military and law enforcement officers.

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Michael Makovsky joined the Jewish Institute of National Security Affairs as CEO and executive director in 2013. An expert on national security, energy issues and the Middle East, Makovsky served as director of essential services in the Washington office of the Coalition Provisional Authority, the postwar allied governing body of Iraq. He worked as an energy market analyst at several investment firms and founded MSM Consulting, a political risk consulting firm. He came to JINSA from the Bipartisan Policy Center, where he served as director of foreign policy from 2006 to 2013.

Institution Revenue $3,079,435
Institution Total Expenses $3,316,332
Employees 19
Salary $201,033
Institution Total Expenses $3,473,800
Employees 15
Salary $210,833 9
Underpaid by 10%
Institution Total Expenses $3,428,460
Employees 16 4
Salary $230,000
Institution Total Expenses $3,173,661
Salary $230,000 2
Salary $219,042
Salary $208,462 7
1 Interim head of organization
2 Data from 2012
3 Data from 2011
4 Data from 2010
5 Data from 2009
6 Data from 2008
7 Data from 2007
8 Includes payment from SWC Museum Corp.
9 Predecessor's salary
10 Partial year
11 Not a 501(c)3
12 Annualized
13 Position currently vacant
14 As per Form 990, JNF declined to comment
15 Base salary
16 Data from president-elect period
17 2010 Employees
18 Legally exempt from public disclosure of salary
19 Highest paid professional, not CEO
20 Paid from two related organizations
21 Data from 2013
22 Data from 2014
23 Data from 2015

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