On Hanukkah: Why We Miss The Seleucids

Antiochus and his ilk were simply too good at making rules and forcing our assimilation. For our own good!

Maybe Natalie Portman Deserves An ‘Exodus’ Prize Instead

“She says she doesn’t want to ‘shit on Israel,’ what is this, a golden shower?”

BREAKING BACKWARD NEWS SATIRE: Clearance Sale Excites Jared Kushner

There’s a clearance sale on at JC Penney, and Jared’s in the market for clearance.

Kotel One - Holy Water?

Whether you’re a woman of the wall or a man in a black hat punching a woman of the wall, this is the vodka for you!

Trump Intent On Moving The Capital To Jerusalem

He’s a man of his word. But the words aren’t always the ones that he means.

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