A Message From the New Owner of the Backward

A message from our beloved, handsome, virile new owner of the Backward.

The Secret History of BiBi-8

“Both are forced to work with an African American they distrust.”

California Adopts Israeli Tactics To Fight Drought

To help it cope with a historic drought, California is turning to Israeli technology.

With Rep at Stake Drake-Bernie Beef Heats Up

Jew on Jew rap action as the artist Drake and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders get heated about the issues that matter.

Millennials Postpone B’nei Mitzvot Until Their ’30s

Please send checks. Every $18 helps.

Bidets Not BDS

Synagogue president deftly steers conversation back to bathrooms.

Santa Claus Furor

Public school riven by tears as myth destroyed by 7-year-old boy.

ADL Discovers the Billionth Anti-Semite

Abe Foxman fetes his successor for increasing the ADL’s global reach.

Cars Observe the Fourth Commandment, or Do They?

Rabbis ponder the latest developments in automobile technology.

Putting the Rump Into (the Name) Trump

Queen Victoria was an amateur etymologist of persistent effort. But even she couldn’t have imagined what the presidential candidates’ names all mean.

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