Being ‘White’ Was Fun While It Lasted

A new survey of Jewish leaders shows a split in the community about how far down the racial totem pole the Jews have slipped.

Celebrity Bintel Brief: Jared + Ivanka Answer all Your Questions

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are the Trump White House’s glamorous Jewish power couple. We asked them to answer readers’ questions, and they agreed!

Nobel Prize Committee: Dylan Given Prize ‘Mostly To Mess With Roth’

In an exclusive on-the-record interview with The Backward, three members of the Nobel Prize Committee broke off from listening to Abba to explain…

What Strange Salty Angels Are These?

Is that an angel on your shoulder or are you just unhappy to see me?

Confession, My Best Friend Is A Nazi Twitter Egg

I have a confession: my best friend is a Nazi Twitter egg.

Michael Cohen, Top Secret International Diplomatister

COHEN: What kind of a name is Mr. S? Is that Ukrainian? MR. S: It is a pseudonym. [Sees Cohen’s confusion.] It’s not a real name. COHEN: OK. So what’s your real name?

Sheldon Adelson: You’re Welcome, Jews

I acquired The Backward for the same reason that I have done everything in my career – to promote gambling, yes, but also to protect and defend the Jewish people.

D.C. Hosts Hip New ‘Alt-Orthodox’ Minyan

If you’re an Orthodox Jewish Trump supporter in Washington, DC, the hot new place to be isn’t in any synagogue. It’s a floating group that moves around town from week to week – sometimes at the Kushner mansion, sometimes in a spare office at the White House, occasionally in Steve Bannon’s basement.

‘Notorrious,’ The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pokemon Card

Already big in Japan, the pokemon card of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is heading for huge American sales as soon as it becomes available domestically.

Local Milk Merchant Accused Of Contact With Russians

The FBI has revealed covert photographs of a villager known as Tevye colluding with Russian diplomats.

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