Who's Up, Who's Down in Senate Races

In the wake of Foleygate, things are looking closer and closer in the Senate, according to analysis by the non-partisan Rasmussen Reports.

The group currently rates 49 seats as Republican or leaning Republican, 49 seats as Democratic or leaning Democratic and only 2 as toss-ups – New Jersey (Kean v. Menendez) and Missouri (Talent v. McCaskill).

Here’s a round-up of some recent polling:

Lieberman up by 8.

Santorum down by at least 5, but as much as 13.

Harold Ford, Jr. up by 7 (according to DSCC poll), but down by 2, according to SurveyUSA.

Chafee down by 10.

DeWine up barely.

Menendez up slightly.

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Who's Up, Who's Down in Senate Races

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