10 Things Donald Trump Thinks Are ‘So Amazing’ Aside From Yad Vashem by the Forward

10 Things Donald Trump Thinks Are ‘So Amazing’ Aside From Yad Vashem

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The message that Donald Trump wrote in the guest book of Yad Vashem — “It is a great honor to be here with all of my friends. So amazing + will never forget” — has been drawing criticism for Trump’s vapid and flippant yearbook-style message. Which got us wondering — if Yad Vashem is “so amazing,” what other things has our president found to be “so amazing” over the years? Herewith, our so very amazing list.

1) The crowds who greeted him in California:

“So this has been amazing,” Trump said in a 2016 speech there. “This has been amazing. We — we just left Fresno. We had a crowd that was, you know, just incredible. And really, we are going to win the state of California because people are tired. People are tired of the Hillary Clintons of the world. It’s all talk. It’s no action. It’s Crooked Hillary. It’s the same stuff.”

2) Also the crowds in Florida.

“Florida was so amazing,” Trump said in a speech in May 29, 2016.

3) And Cleveland:

“I want to thank all of the loyal people — because I have such loyal, unbelievable people, and they displayed that just yesterday in Cleveland, where it’s going to be so amazing,” Trump said on July 16, 2016 while introducing Mike Pence as his running mate.

4) The support of former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight.

“I will be campaigning in Indiana all day,” Trump tweeted on May 2, 2016. “Things are looking great, and the support of Bobby Knight has been so amazing. Today will be fun! “

5) Anderson Cooper’s Mother:

“.@AC360 Anderson, so amazing,” Trump tweeted on April 29, 2016. “Your mother is, and always has been, an incredible woman!”

6) The Evangelicals:

“The evangelicals have been so amazing to me,” Trump said on July 2, 2016. “I’ve won with evangelicals in many, many states.”

7) His Children:

“My children, I mean, they will always be children to me, I don’t care. Right?” Trump told Greta Van Susteren on July 4, 2016. “But my children have been so amazing.”

8) Tiffany Trump in particular:

“I have great children, Tiffany has been so amazing,” Trump said on July 6, 2016. “My kids, my family have been so unbelievable and this is not easy for them.

9) Reince Priebus

“He’s been great. I have to tell you,” Trump said on July 6, 2016. “Reince has been really great. And I mean that 100 percent. He’s been so amazing. And he works hard. He’ll fly, if there’s an event in California. He will fly on that plane and will be there, and say, weren’t you just in Washington? Yes, I flew to be at the event. I mean, the guy is really terrific.”

10) Being in a relationship with Jared Kushner:

“Jared and I are very similar in that we’re very ambitious,” Trump said back in 2009. “That’s what makes it so amazing to be in a relationship with someone who is supportive of that.”

Well, actually that was Ivanka Trump talking, but I think we know where she got the phrase “so amazing” from.


10 Things Trump Thinks Are ‘So Amazing’ Plus Yad Vashem

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10 Things Donald Trump Thinks Are ‘So Amazing’ Aside From Yad Vashem

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