December 23, 2005


A benefit was held this week at the Casino Theater to raise funds for the Jews of Russia, who have been brutally attacked, robbed and murdered. Among the major talents who participated in the benefit: famed actress Sarah Bernhardt, who showed up late and refused to sit in her loge until the electric light in it was turned off, appeared in a comedy sketch dressed as a little boy. Famous American humorist Mark Twain also appeared and gave a brief speech. The benefit raised $2,500.


Chicago Butcher Harry Goldvarg has expressed remorse for hiring two thugs, Jacob Teilman and Jack Rozoff, who burned down his butcher shop so he could collect $4,000 worth of insurance money. The fire, which was set by pouring gasoline throughout the store and setting it alight, caused a gas explosion that set the building next door on fire. Two children, 3- and 5-year-old brothers Homer and Jerome Israelson, were killed as a result. Their mother survived the fire but is in critical condition. All three men are being held on charges of arson and murder.

After two weeks of darkness on account of a labor dispute, Second Avenue’s Yiddish theaters are again lighting up the street. Yiddish theater managers shut down their theaters after a wage dispute heated up between them and the Yiddish actors union. It is hoped that relations between the two groups will be improved following the resolution of the issue. During the week, theaters will be hosting the annual year-end benefits. At week’s end, the regular season’s shows will be performed, some of which include Sholem Asch’s “Uncle Moses,” performed by Maurice Schwartz’s Art Theater, and “Yesterday’s Girl,” starring Molly Picon at the Folks Theater.


Documents confiscated from the Syrian camp attacked by Israel last week clearly indicate that the Syrian army had plans to attack Israel and capture the Sea of Galillee. These documents were exhibited at a press conference held by the Israeli army. The documents show that the constant shooting at Israeli fishing boats and on military positions was not perpetrated by angry local citizens, as the Syrians say, but was a concerted effort by the Syrian army to harass Israeli positions and to eventually take over areas of land that are part of Israel as dictated by international treaties.

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December 23, 2005

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