Sheldon Adelson Wants To Open A North Korea Casino

    Sheldon Adelson may have his eye on some brand new real estate for a casino — in North Korea, Quartz reports.

    Adelson reportedly spoke at a charity event in Jerusalem about the Korean conflict, saying he hoped Trump would get the North and South to end the Korean War. Adelson, a veteran of the Korean War, said he wanted to return to the area to build casinos.

    Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands Corporation, of which he is the CEO and chairman, is valued at over $40 billion. North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un actually visited one of Adelson’s properties, Marina Bay Sands, during the recent Singapore summit with President Trump.

    Adelson funneled significant funding into President Trump’s 2016 campaign, maintaining an enduring relationship with Trump.

    In fact, Adelson may be following Trump’s lead on tourism to North Korea. During Trump’s meeting with Kim, the president reportedly pointed to the hermit country’s tourism potential.

    “As an example they have great beaches. You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean. I said, boy, look at that view,” Trump told reporters later, according to Quartz. “Wouldn’t that make a great condo? And I explained, I said, you know, instead of doing that you could have the best hotels in the world right there.”

    Juliana Kaplan is a news intern at The Forward. Email her at or follow her on Twitter, @julianamkaplan

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    Sheldon Adelson Wants To Open A North Korea Casino

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