She’s Back! Anti-Israel Activist Medea Benjamin Disrupts Donald Trump’s Convention Speech

A prominent peace activist interrupted Donald Trump’s speech on Thursday at the Republican National Convention in protest of his immigration policy.

Tim Kaine, Pro-Israel Centrist From Virginia, Hillary Clinton’s Vice President Pick

Virginia’s Tim Kaine is a centrist pro-Israel choice who should please moderate Democrats as Hillary’s No. 2.


Will Barack Obama Join ‘Jewiest’ Country Club in Washington?

There’s one big question that awaits President Barack Obama as he prepares to leave the Oval Office: Which country club should he join?


Trump Won’t Take Position on Two-State Solution, Says Aide

Jason Greenblatt, Donald Trump’s adviser on Israel, who recently increased his role and serves as the campaign’s de-facto liaison to the Jewish community, worked the crowd and the media in Cleveland, making the case for Trump on issues relating to his views on Israel.


WATCH: Did Laura Ingraham Make a Nazi Salute at the RNC?

Conservative political commentator Laura Ingraham was criticized on social media for appearing to make a Nazi-salute at the Republican National Convention.

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