Ex-Hasidic Woman’s ‘Suicide Book’ Rattles Ultra-Orthodox World

Although she’d left it years ago, Israel’s ultra-Orthodox community is shaken by suicide note and painful manuscript left behind by 50-year-old mother of seven.


Jerrold Nadler Congressional Fight Heats Up as Election Day Arrives

It would take a political earthquake for Congressman Jerry Nadler to lose to his first primary challenger since 1996, but in a year of political earthquakes, the Democratic veteran is taking no chances.


Elizabeth Warren Is the Surprising Israel Hawk on Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Shortlist

You’ll never guess who’s the Israel hawk on Hillary Clinton’s presidential shortlist: Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator and liberal champion.


Meet the Iranian Jew Who’s Running for Congress — Despite the Donald Trump Trolls

Anna Kaplan is a Jewish Iranian refugee running for congress who says that Donald Trump’s rise — and his anti-immigrant rhetoric — hits especially close to home. She recently found herself on the receiving end of anti-Semitic Twitter attacks, lobbed at her by what she says are Trump supporters.


Fira Bramson, Rescuer of Lithuanian Jewry’s Literary Heritage, Dies at 91

Fira Bramson, a Vilna librarian who was crucial to the post-Communist rescue of Lithuanian Jewry’s literary legacy, passed away at the age of 91 on June 12.

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