Transplanting for Tay-Sachs, It’s a Decision to Have Hope

Lorelei Sandoval and her husband had noticed their four-month-old son, Isaac, had an eye problem. It wasn’t until the doctor asked them if they were Jewish descent that Sandoval started getting nervous.

Gene Therapy Offers Hope for Fatal Jewish Diseases — but How Soon?

Gene therapy is making progress in treating genetic diseases affecting Jews, but scientists say challenges still remain.

ADL Criticizes ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Bill That Would Make Police Shootings a Hate Crime

A new bill that would make it a hate crime to attack a police officer in New York State has drawn opposition from the Anti-Defamation League, which drafted the hate crime laws now in place in many states across the country.


EXPLAINER: Olympian and Gymnastics Phenom Gabby Douglas ‘Used To Be Jewish’

Olympian Gabrielle Douglas has a complex religious background — a mixture of Christianity and Judaism. “I used to be Jewish,” she writes.


‘Long-Time Trump Friend’ Geraldo Rivera: 2nd Amendment Comment is ‘Bull****’

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera took to Twitter Wednesday to slam comments by Republican candidate Donald Trump that appeared to suggest gun-owners should assassinate opponent Hillary Clinton as ‘dangerous incitement.’

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