‘Long Live the Intifada’ Protestors Burn Israeli Flag Outside Democratic Convention

A protestor wearing a bandana over her face and chanting “long live the intifada” burned an Israeli flag outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia last night, reported the AP. Other protestors added placards supporting Bernie Sanders to the fire and joined in the chant.


George Soros and His Billions Are All In for Hillary Clinton

Heavyweight Democratic donor George Soros is back in the game, committing more than $25 million to support Clinton and other Democratic candidates this November.

Serving Kosher Food to the Hungry DNC Masses

Mordy Siegal is committed to providing convenient kosher food to the hungry masses.

L Train Subway Shutdown Threatens Livelihood of Brooklyn Satmar Hasidim

As Brooklyn’s trendiest neighborhoods brace for transit meltdown in 2019, some in Williamsburg’s Satmar Hasidic community are worrying about their economic futures.


When NATO’s Man in Poland Ran Anti-Semitic Paper

The recent NATO summit, held for the first time ever in Warsaw, was a triumph for Poland’s defense minister, Antoni Macierewicz. He has emerged as the crucial point man on the alliance’s eastern flank, amid ramped-up tensions following Russia’s military incursions into Ukraine. Yet Macierewicz has some secrets. For years he has been editor-in-chief, co-owner and author of the far-right newspaper Głos (Voice), which he also founded. An examination of the publication during Macierewicz’s most active years as its chief reveals numerous anti-Semitic cartoons and articles, some signed by Macierewicz himself.

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