Bernie Sanders Caps Historic Campaign With Plea for Unity — Will It Be Enough?

In a carefully crafted speech, the Jewish senator from Vermont, whose unlikely race for president energized millions, sought to get the party back on track after a raucous opening day in Philadelphia.


Glitzing Up the Watergate Hotel Without Losing Hint of Infamous Scandal

“No need to break in”, joke the room keys. Staff uniforms come from Mad Men’s costume designer. A sleek whiskey bar looks like the VIP room of the Starship Enterprise.

5 Things To Expect When Bernie Sanders Speaks at the Democratic Convention

When Sen. Bernie Sanders, the 74-year-old Jewish democratic socialist from Vermont, began his campaign last year, no one expected him to take a strong insurgency all the way through the primary season. Now he’ll take his message of economic reform to a packed arena at the Democratic National Convention, where he’ll be a headline speaker on Monday’s opening night.

Simone Zimmerman Breaks Silence on Bernie Sanders, the Democrats — and Israel

For a five days in April, Simone Zimmerman was the most controversial figure in Jewish politics.


Did Barack Obama Wait Too Long To Oust Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chief?

In a fast moving set of events Sunday, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee less than 24 hours before the party convened in Philadelphia for its nominating convention.

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