How My 10-Year-Old Daughter Solved Clinton vs. Sanders Dilemma

Undecided before today’s New York primary, Adam Langer takes his daughter to hear Bernie Sanders speak in the Bronx — and Hillary Clinton in Manhattan. At the end, he comes to an important conclusion.


Jerusalem Recoils as Bus Bombing Strikes Mixed Neighborhood — Netanyahu Vows To ‘Settle Score’

As authorities try to figure out the cause of the bus bombing that rocked Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to “settle the score” if the intent was terror.


Ex-Brooklyn Shomrim Leader Arrested on Bribery Charges in Gun Permit Scheme

A leader of a Jewish neighborhood guard group was arrested on bribery charges after allegedly trying to buy gun permits from undercover officers, drawing more attention to the dense network of relationships between police brass and Hasidic activists.

No Experience Necessary: Meet Trump’s Orthodox Israel Advisor

If Donald Trump wins the White House, he’ll probably be the first U.S. president whose top adviser on Israel used to do guard duty at a Jewish settlement in the West Bank armed with an M-16 assault weapon.

As Democrats Push Boundaries of Israel Debate, J Street Exults — and Worries

The left-leaning Israel lobby J Street sits in a pretty, but tricky position as both Democratic candidates open up the debate around Israel.

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