Jewish Groups Struggle to Both Criticize and Honor Black Lives Matter

Jewish responses spanned the political spectrum following scathing criticism of Israel by a group affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. But strikingly, even statements by some centrist groups strove to strike a balance — reflecting their apparent recognition of the broader movement’s impact as an emerging force in American life.


Rockland County Rabbis’s Homes Target of Fireworks Blasts

Police are investigating two fireworks blasts outside of the homes of two Chabad rabbis late on the evening of August 9 in suburban Rockland County, New York.

National Debate on Racism Spurs Public Spat Among Historic Jewish Groups

The rise of Black Lives Matter, the largest civil rights movement of recent memory, has brought the differences between the ZOA and ADL — two historic Jewish organizations — into sharper focus.


‘Employer’ of Disgraced Sauna Rabbi Denies He Ever Worked There

A rabbi who left his flock after word got out that he went on sauna trips with young male congregants recently reemerged as a psychological counselor at a luxury health center, but his seeming comeback has hit a wall.

Sheldon Adelson Takes Surprisingly Modest Approach in Campus Initiative

A more “sober” approach has set in at the task force’s Las Vegas headquarters, according to David Brog, its executive director.

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