Whole Foods CEO Remains Loyal to Marc Gafni Despite Abuse Claims

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey is standing by his friend Marc Gafni, a controversial New Age guru and former rabbi accused of abuses of power through his career, including molestation of a teenage girl.

Samuel Fisher, Recent Harvard Graduate, Collapses and Dies After Connecticut Triathlon

Samuel Fisher was an athlete, a Harvard graduate and the former president of his university’s Hillel chapter when he passed away unexpectedly on Sunday.


Why Are Jewish Federations Struggling With Fundraising as Charitable Giving by Americans Hits Record?

American charities are raising more than they did before the Great Recession, but Jewish federations across the country are floundering, according to a new study published June 14.


When Rabbis Broke the Law To Help Women in Crisis Get Abortions

Before Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court ruling that enshrined access to abortion services for women as a constitutional right in 1973, CCS was the largest abortion referral service in the United States, and rabbis were prominent in the group. It’s impossible to know for sure how many women obtained an illegal abortion through CCS but the number may have reached upward of a quarter of a million clients.

Anti-Defamation League Stands Almost Alone Against Communal Push for Anti-BDS Measures

As many Jewish groups jump on board a push for laws to penalize businesses and groups boycotting Israel, the Anti-Defamation League, long considered a pillar of the Jewish establishment, is not just standing back — it has been opposing the tide. Now, it’s taking flack for this.

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