Andrew Cuomo Anti-BDS Order Seen as Gamechanger — for Better and Worse

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order opposing BDS shouldn’t have made a splash — but it did.


34 Orthodox British Boys Rescued From Rising Tide on School Trip

A school trip to the coast quickly turned dangerous after 34 Orthodox British students and their two teachers, all dressed in formal clothes, had to signal for help with the light from their cell phones after ignoring danger signs and becoming trapped among the cliffs.

What Will Bernie Sanders Jewish Backers Do Now That the Primary Battle Is Over?

As the door slams shut on Bernie Sanders’s run for the White House, Jewish Democrats are seeking ways to bring his progressive supporters back into the fold.


Rambling Jewish Congressman Insists Donald Trump Isn’t a Racist — But Obama Is

New York Congressman Lee Zeldin said that Donald Trump’s questioning of a Mexican-American judge’s ability to rule fairly due to his heritage did not make him a racist and said Barack Obama was the actual racist.


‘Rare Cache’ of 2,000-Year-Old Silver Coins Uncovered in Israel

A trove of 16 silver coins dating back more than 2,000 years has been uncovered in an excavation in the Israeli municipality of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut.

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