Is ‘Jeremy Corbyn Effect’ Driving Jews Away From Britain’s Labour Party?

Even before he was kicked out of Britain’s Labour Party for saying that Israel runs the Islamic State terrorist group, Bob Campbell was a marginal figure within the party.


Korean ‘Comfort Women,’ Female Holocaust Survivors Meet, Share Memories

Korean “comfort women” met with Holocaust survivors as they toured the U.S. to raise awareness of the Japanese sexual enslavement of Korean women during World War II.

Israeli Hospitals Admit Enabling Separation — Deny Racism

Israeli hospital officials and their American fundraising arms have forcefully rejected claims of segregation.


Meet the West Bank Cobbler Who Took Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian in Head

When Imad Abu Shamsiyeh heard the gunshots, he grabbed his flip camera and recorded what he saw: an Israeli soldier shooting a prone Palestinian assailant. The results went viral, and Abu Shamsiyeh’s life hasn’t been the same.


Bernie Sanders Hires Outspoken Critic of Occupation as Jewish Outreach Director

Simone Zimmerman, the Bernie Sanders campaign’s newly hired national Jewish outreach coordinator, is quite familiar with the American Jewish establishment. She is used to fighting against it.

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