Israel Announces $77M Plan to Improve Palestinian Checkpoint Conditions

Israel’s finance and defense ministers announced a two-year plan to improve conditions at security checkpoints in the West Bank.


Six Reasons That Avigdor Lieberman Being Named Israel’s Defense Minister Is a Very Big Deal Here

The Obama administration has remained silent regarding the political makeover of Netanyahu’s coalition government, which is set to put right-wing leader Avigdor Lieberman in charge of Israel’s defense ministry and push out Moshe Yaalon, a former military chief of staff and Likud party pragmatist, from the position he’d been holding since 2013.


Germany to Build World’s First All-in-One Synagogue, Church and Mosque

The ‘House of One’ will provide equal space to all three monotheistic religions; construction will start in Berlin next year.


It’s Michael Cohen vs Michael Cohen Across the Jewish Trump Divide

Two men who share the same name, Michael Cohen, exemplify two diametrically opposed positions on Donald Trump held by American Jews.


Morley Safer, Iconic ‘60 Minutes’ Journalist, Dies at 84

Television journalist Morley Safer, the son of Jewish immigrants who made his reputation as a Vietnam War correspondent for CBS and then became a mainstay on the network’s “60 Minutes” show for 46 years, has died at age 84, a few days after his retirement, the network announced on Thursday.

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