Republicans Prepare to Drop Mention of ‘Palestine’ From Platform

Taking yet another shift to the right on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, the Republican Party is poised to drop reference to Palestinians from its platform and to reinforced the call for keeping Jerusalem “undivided” under Israeli rule.


Bernie Sanders Backers Fail To Insert Criticism of Israel in Democratic Platform

In its last round of debates, the Democratic Party once again refused to insert language seen as pro-Palestinian into its platform.


In Major Shift, GOP Rejects Two-State Solution, Says Israel Not “Occupier”

Rejecting decades-old policy, the Republican Party approved on July 12 a platform that does not include a call for a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Instead, it defers to Israel to determine whether it is interested in negotiating a deal with the Palestinians, and omits any reference to a solution that would establish an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.


The Killer Mossad Shark and 5 Other Animals That (Don’t Really) Spy for Israel

It’s Fourth of July weekend, and you and your family are visiting the beach on Amity Island. Suddenly, a massive great white shark appears offshore and begins attacking unsuspecting tourists and pulling them under the frothing tide and… _spying on them!

Meet the Shadowy Jewish Couple At the Center of the Trump Institute Scandal

New revelations about one of Donald Trump’s for-profit educational ventures have turned the spotlight onto Michael and Irene Milin, a Jewish Florida couple with their own checkered past in business.

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