Ruth Bader Ginsburg Does ‘Not Want To Think’ About President Trump

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, when asked about Donald Trump winning the presidential election, said, “I don’t want to think about that possibility.”


Going #OffTheDerech After ‘Window to the Outside World’ Opens in Satmar Brooklyn

Faigy Gelbstein was sent to the principal’s office at 12 years old to talk about movies. She had gotten in trouble before over breaking modesty rules — her stockings were too thin — but now there were some rumors circulating in the school about her family.


The Rare Infection That Almost Killed Sarah Silverman — and Why You Should Care

The infection that put comedian Sarah Silverman into intensive care for five days is rare but dangerous, which is why more people need to know about it.


Jewish Republicans Face Calls To Dump Donald Trump After Star of David Tweet

Donald Trump’s decision to triple down on his Star of David anti-Clinton tweet didn’t help his standing with Jewish voters. Nor did his Frozen quip creating a perceived parallel between the Disney hit and his campaign use of Jewish imagery alongside piles of money and claims of corruption.


Is Orthodox Ambulance Service Being Targeted by New York Ticket Blitz?

Police in Brooklyn are handing out a growing number of parking tickets to members of the Jewish volunteer ambulance service Hatzalah, according to leaders of the group.

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