Meet the New Jersey Teen Teaching His Fellow Students Math

Once he entered high school, Zachary decided to launch YMath, a nonprofit organization that provides free one-on-one tutoring to students who are struggling in their math classes but are unable to pay for a private tutor.

The Republican Convention May Be Short On GOP Politicians, Big on Neo-Nazis

Not many GOP officials plan on attending the Republican National Convention in July, but one group is coming out to support Trump: neo-Nazis.


Jerrold Nadler Scores Landslide in Manhattan — Barely Wins in Brooklyn

Representative Jerry Nadler beat back a young challenger to win an overwhelming primary victory in the most Jewish district in the entire House of Representatives.


After Torture and Desert Trek, First Sudanese Wins Asylum in Israel

Mutasim Ali always believed that he would succeed in his fight to secure refugee status for the thousands of asylum seekers in Israel. He just never thought that he would attain the status himself.


Welcome to the Orthodox Prayer Group Where Women Lead — and Men Sit Behind Mechitza

The doors are open to everyone at Shabbat services held on the ground floor of this Nostrand Avenue building in Brooklyn. But, unlike many Orthodox spaces, here it’s the women who lead prayers — and the men who sit in the back.

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