Meet the Campaign Trail's Yarmulke Guy

When Marc Daniels sells you his campaign yarmulkes at $10 dollars a pop, it’s not just the religious headgear he wants you to take. What he’s selling, he tells me on the phone, is the Jewish principle of “tikkun olam.”

Does Bernie Sanders Still Champion Values of His Israeli Kibbutz?

Shaar Haamakim is proud to have hosted a U.S. presidential candidate who trumpets its principles. But the kibbutz’s association with a communist, Soviet-affiliated faction could hurt Bernie Sanders.

GOP Candidates Go Into Overdrive Touting Christian Faith — Even Donald Trump

The Republican presidential candidates have been scrambling to proclaim their faith as a way of reaching Evangelical voters. What happens when the candidate is Donald Trump — and he doesn’t know a communion plate from a collection box?


Do Buyers Plan To Silence

There’s a media mystery developing around the anonymous new owners of the muckraking blog FailedMessiah, and growing signs the site’s harsh criticism of the Orthodox community may be silenced.


A Jewish Farmers Movement: Revolutionary or Ridiculous?

Yes, Jewish farmers do exist. Dan Friedman attended their second annual “convening” to find out the challenges they face.

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