Congress Mulls Action Against Palestinians

Congress is considering taking punitive measures against the Palestinian Authority or closing the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s mission in Washington should it go ahead with plans to seek full membership at the United Nations Security Council next Friday.

The Americans were frustrated that years of financial aid, currently comprising 600 million dollars annually, intended to promote peace negotiations and stability did not yield many material results.

At the discussions, which took place at the House of Committee on Foreign Affairs, some experts called to cut the aid, while others warned it might undermine the Palestinian-Israeli security cooperation, and would thereby undermine Israeli security.

The discussions were undoubtedly the harbinger of a larger debate that will ensue following the UN General Assembly in New-York next week.

Representative Russ Carnahan (D-Mo) said that the Congress and the administration must send a strong message to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the UN bid is counterproductive.

“[We must] send the strongest-possible message to President Abbas that his efforts are in no one’s interest, including those of his own people,” said Carnahan, adding, “We should reexamine how and whether we continue to offer assistance to the PA.”

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Congress Mulls Action Against Palestinians

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