Bibi Says Palestinians Are Making 'Terrible Mistake'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he can deliver peace, claiming that the Palestinians were once again making a terrible mistake by not returning to the negotiating table.

Netanyahu told Charlie Rose in an interview on PBS Monday night, that he is ready to negotiate “anywhere any time, without preconditions, just do it. It’s so simple yet they make it so complicated. It’s like the Nike commercial, just do it. And I’m prepared to just do it.”

Netanyahu conceded that the failure of a two-state solution is not in Israel’s interest, saying: “I don’t want the Palestinian population incorporated as citizens of Israel or as subjects of Israel so they have to live in their own state.”

“I just want to make sure that that state doesn’t become another Gaza, doesn’t become another mini-Iran which could destroy the one and only Jewish state,” he told Charlie.

Netanyahu said in the interview that he has the support of the coalition, and that he is capable of delivering peace. “I think the Palestinians are again making a terrible mistake,” he said, imploring the Palestinians to “take that opportunity and make peace, for God’s sake.”

The Israeli prime minister said that he refused to compromise on Jerusalem as a united city, but said this is not a precondition for negotiations; it is a position in the negotiations.

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Bibi Says Palestinians Are Making 'Terrible Mistake'

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