New Gaza Flotilla Activists Fight Deportation

Pro-Palestinian activists from two Gaza-bound ships intercepted by Israel’s Navy remain in Israeli custody as they fight their deportation.

The ships, one Canadian the other Irish, had a total of 27 passengers and reportedly carried a symbolic amount of medical supplies and letters of solidarity for Gazans. They were intercepted and taken to Israel’s Ashdod port on Nov. 4.

The Israeli military said that the boarding was conducted without any injuries, though a Canadian activist told Canadian media that he was Tasered and bruised as he was removed from the boat. An Arab-Israeli student from Haifa, Majid Kial, said the commandos pointed a gun at his head. Israel’s military denies the accusations.

Kial, two Greek crewmen, and journalists from Egypt, Spain and the United States were returned to their homes on Saturday. The 21 activists still in Israeli custody are from Australia, Britain, Canada, Ireland and the United States, according to the AFP news service. They will have a hearing in front of a judge within 72 hours, according to reports.

Some of the Navy commandos that took part in the operation also were part of the 2010 raid on the Turkish ship the Mavi Marmara, in which nine Turkish nationals were killed, according to Ynet.

Israeli authorities claimed the attempt to break the Gaza blockade is no more than an effort to embarrass Israel and undermine its security

New Gaza Flotilla Activists Fight Deportation


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New Gaza Flotilla Activists Fight Deportation

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