Handful of Occupy Protesters Remain in Park

A handful of Occupy Wall Street protesters returned to a lower Manhattan park to spend the night, but were not allowed to have tents and sleeping gear, news reports said.

About two dozen demonstrators stayed all night long in Zuccotti Park and occasionally scuffled with police and security guards who prevented them from sleeping.

A judge ruled the city was within its rights to clear the park and it reopened the park to demonstrators late Tuesday, as long as they did not bring sleeping or camping gear.

The anti-corporate demonstrations started nearly two months ago and spread to cities across the nation. A Jewish contingent dubbed Occupy Judaism held religious services there.

Hundreds of baton-wielding police officers moved in after midnight Tuesday to clear the park. They arrested more than 200 protestors, but there were no major injuries.

Handful of Occupy Protesters Remain in Park


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Handful of Occupy Protesters Remain in Park

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