Donald Trump at the RJC.

Why Holocaust Remembrance Remains So Important

Trump Gives A Holocaust Speech — And The ‘Alt Right’ Screams ‘Betrayal’, by‎ Sam Kestenbaum, highlighted why the days of remembrance are so important. The venomous words of the ‘Alt-Right’ are revolting. We live in a society that encourages free speech. Nevertheless, we realize that hate speech can have dire consequences.

I attended the ceremony at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum where President Trump delivered his speech. The challenge of assuring that ‘never again’ has meaning is to fight back and use public platforms to shine a light on the dark forces that bully minorities. The stakes are too high to remain silent.

Steven A. Ludsin was a member of the President’s Commission on the Holocaust and the first U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council.

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Why Holocaust Remembrance Remains So Important

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