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How Beyoncé Destroyed Us and Put Us Back Together in 2016

What got me most this year, (pre-election, it must be said) was Beyoncé’s “visual album,” “Lemonade,” which chronicles a deep betraying love but is also about everything: The history of the world, being a black women in America, fathers and daughters, performance, mothers and daughters, American cities and countries and towns, violence. Alchemy. Deep, unapologetic, beautiful rage. Writing. Poetry. Celebration.

I wasn’t expecting it. But I was captivated and then undone and then rebuilt and then destructed by it. In other words, it did all the things art should do to you. And it instructed too. It told me: Go there. Commit. Do what you do. Do it right. Do it best. Be brave.

Use all your kinds of magic.

- Jennifer Gilmore
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