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Leela Corman Very Sweetly Showed Us Our Cruelty

It took me a moment to appreciate Leela Corman’s brilliant graphic novel, “Unterzakhn” because it’s all things I am not: brassy, polished and containing multiple complex storylines. Leela, forgive me the review I wrote in this newspaper when I was an insecure young person. I’ve been saving Corman’s recent book — a collection of short picture-essays called “We All Wish for Deadly Force” — for a moment when my need to escape into art would outweigh my embarrassment. That moment has come. Thanks, Trump! There are times when we feel we can’t go on living, and then out of the blue someone describes the inexplicable cruelty of the world very sweetly and simply and perceptively, and with lightness. I have a few pages left in this quiet, honest, funny, sensitive book that is about obscene tragedy yet reads like a series of anecdotes and until I finish, I do know that the world will keep spinning. Thank you, Leela!

- Liana Finck
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