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Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz

Brown University MEOR | Providence, Rhode Island | 29 years old
Orthodox | New England Rabbinical College

As an Orthodox rabbi, some students expect him to force them to think and feel a certain way about their Judaism. That has never been the case. Through weekly learning with students, Moshe demonstrates an intense passion for Torah alongside a commitment to knowledge of all sorts of other kinds — regularly delving into side conversations about computer science or math or whatever else may come up. Moshe also opens his home regularly to students and community members for delicious food and wonderful singing (he even writes personalized songs about every single guest on Purim). Finally, he is always available to listen to and help students dealing with personal tragedy. When my grandmother died, he asked to set up a time for us to Skype in case I might want to just share some stories about her, without my having to ask. This was a huge help to me. Moshe’s love for Torah and for students, his welcoming personality and his unmatched sense of humor inspire me greatly. We could use more rabbis like him!

— Lex Rofes

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Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz

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