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Robert Dobrusin

Beth Israel Congregation | Ann Arbor, Michigan | 59 years old

Rabbi Robert Dobrusin changed my life. I used to be in a radical anti-Israel group that, every Saturday during services, protested outside Rabbi Dobrusin’s synagogue. After some relatives eventually convinced me to stop, I sent a letter of apology to Rabbi Dobrusin. To my amazement, he invited me to meet with him, and was kind, understanding and forgiving. Since then I’ve been a staunch member of his congregation. Sadly, the weekly protests continue, as they have for 10 years, but Rabbi Dobrusin has helped the congregation respond with calm and dignity. His presence is the reason sanity has prevailed, in my life and in that of the community. I can’t say enough wonderful things about my rabbi and all he has done for me and the community. He helps pay for the tuition for my Hebrew classes, which I wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Whenever I’ve gone to him for guidance, he has always steered me right, and I’ve heard others say the same. God bless Rabbi Dobrusin!

— Laurel Federbush + 2 other nominations

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Robert Dobrusin

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