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Why Should I Consider Towson University?

Towson University is located just north of Baltimore city and is home to the Baltimore Hebrew Institute, formally Baltimore Hebrew University, and Towson Hillel. Towson University is within a few miles of a numerous Jewish organizations, synagogues and agencies, and an eclectic city that appeals to foodies, art enthusiasts, and sports fans.

Towson University (TU) is Maryland’s fastest-growing institution and the largest university in the Baltimore region (one of the top 15 major metropolitan areas for academic and employment opportunities). At TU, you’ll find graduate programs designed to respond to emerging workforce needs, from cybersecurity to health care.

TU is proud to offer two Judaic Studies Masters programs: Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service (LJEC) and Jewish Studies (JS). Both programs offer strong mentorship, small classes and a warm community for students, supported by caring staff and faculty. Programs can be customized to meet the needs of each student and the LJEC program includes an internship experience in the local community. The Baltimore Hebrew Institute has 8 affiliated faculty members, including program directors Dr. Hana Bor and Dr. Benjamin Fisher.

Dr. Hana Bor, Director of the LJEC program, received her Master’s in Jewish Studies and Education from American Jewish University and her Ph.D. in Jewish Studies from Baltimore Hebrew University. Her most recent research is in Holocaust studies. Her research interests are in pedagogy and methodology, curriculum planning, administration and management of non-profit organizations. Her courses include Diversity, Culture and Team Dynamics, Jewish Family Under Nazi Rule and Strategic Management of Jewish Organizations. Dr. Bor can be contacted at

Dr. Benjamin Fisher, Director of the JS program, earned his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He joined the History Department at TU in 2011 and has been a visiting fellow at Oxford and Harvard. His research focuses on how Jews in diverse settings throughout history have studied and taught the Bible, the origins of modern critical approaches to biblical scholarship in Jewish and Christian communities, and the impact of the Protestant Reformation on Jewish religious culture. His courses include Medieval Jewish History and The Reformation: 1500-1648. Dr. Fisher can be contacted at

To enhance your graduate experience, TU offers a study abroad course in Israel. Dr. Hana Bor organizes and leads the study abroad course to Israel every other year. Participants earn course credits toward their degree and the trip is heavily subsidized through donor support.

How is Jewish Life on campus?

Towson University is proud of its commitment to diversity and inclusion. TU fosters a climate that is grounded in respect and inclusion and that enriches the educational experience of students. Towson University is home to the Baltimore Hebrew Institute and Towson Hillel as well as Jewish Tiger Alumni Alliance.

The Baltimore Hebrew Institute (BHI) provides students with opportunities to meet authors, historians, artists and scholars who address topics related to their studies. BHI offers students pursuing a master’s degree in Jewish Studies or in Leadership in Jewish Education and Communal Service generous scholarships which include a Midcareer Fellowship program. The Midcareer Fellowship program is a generous national program that helps students pay for part-time study while working in the Jewish community.

How was the Baltimore Hebrew Institute Established?

The Baltimore Hebrew Institute, formerly Baltimore Hebrew University, merged with Towson University in 2009. The Baltimore Hebrew Institute was built on the 90-year legacy of Baltimore Hebrew University and is committed to fostering educational excellence for the community. This includes supporting the education of Jewish educators, communal professionals and Judaic studies scholars who wish to excel in their field as well as providing high quality programs and lectures for the community.

Jill Max is the Director of BHI and Diane Seegull is the Program Coordinator. Both general and scholarship questions can be directed to Diane at

The Jewish Faculty and Staff Association (JFSA) works to provide dynamic Jewish cultural programs for faculty, staff, students and guests on campus. The JFSA raises awareness around Jewish community experiences, services and opportunities on campus.

Towson Hillel offers engaging programming while fostering a vibrant Jewish community for students. Hillel respects how students wish to express their Judaism and works with them to provide meaningful experiences. Kosher dining is available on campus.

Jewish Tigers Alumni Alliance offers current students and alumni opportunities to network socially and professionally.

Four thousand rare Jewish books and documents:

The Albert S. Cook Library is honored and proud to sustain and expand the largest collection of Judaic books and artifacts in the Mid-Atlantic through the Southeastern United States. The collection contains more than four thousand rare books and documents, including many from the Jewish Cultural Reconstruction (items that were reclaimed from Nazi seizure following World War II).

Why Should I Consider Towson University?

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Why Should I Consider Towson University?

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