2nd Assault This Week Against Orthodox Jewish Man In Crown Heights

A delivery truck driver was injured when a rock shattered his vehicle’s side window three days after a rabbi was hit with a stone in the face.

Dozens Of Anti-Semitic Flyers Posted In Queens

“Worthless F-ing Cancer Filled Jew” is printed over the image of a man’s head with a kippah on top of it that has a Star of David in the middle.

Synagogue Cancels Mock Trial With Dershowitz Defending Trafficking Suspect

Temple Emanu-El’s action came a day after JTA and other media outlets wrote about the event.

Attention ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Fans: There’s An Exhibit Showing Midge’s Costumes

Attention “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” fans: you can now enter the show you have come to know and love.

Happy Birthday Woody Guthrie, Our Greatest Hanukkah Songwriter

An unlikely mastermind is behind several beloved Hanukkah songs: folk music icon Woody Guthrie.

AOC’s Chief-Of-Staff Wears T-Shirt Featuring Nazi Collaborator

Subhas Chandra Bose was a dissident Indian nationalist who enlisted tens of thousands of Indian men to fight against the British for Hitler.

New York State Bans Religious Exemptions To Vaccines

Students can only be unvaccinated now if a doctor orders it.

New York City Closes Tenth Jewish School For Violating Vaccine Order

The school, serving the Satmar hasidic community in Williamsburg, has continued to admit unvaccinated students.

This Orthodox Family And Their Yeshiva Are In A Legal Battle Over Vaccines

New York State Is Failing Religious Institutions By Taking Sides In This Vaccination Case.

Nearly Two-Thirds Of Hate Crimes In New York This Year Have Been Anti-Semitic

“We have an anti-Semitism crisis in New York,” the city’s council speaker said.