“There is no such thing as a generic Jewish wedding,” Anita Diamant writes in “Jewish Wedding Now,” her 2017 guide. “No matter what the rabbi tells you, no matter what the caterer tells you, no matter what your mother tells you.” And Diamant is right — what makes a wedding Jewish is more a matter of evolving traditions than hard-and-fast rules.

Well, fair enough.

But how to make sure your non-generic Jewish wedding is just right? After all, you’ve been on excruciating blind dates, hoped and prayed, had your heart broken, been tortured by relatives demanding you produce a “special someone,” met the right person, laughed, fought, fallen in love, made compromises, and promised to build a life together.

Don’t you deserve a perfect day? You do.

Stop watching the wedding scene from “Fiddler on the Roof” and start reading the Forward wedding guide, where we talk everything from artisanal chuppah design to translating a traditional wedding ceremony into a thoroughly modern one. We’re tackling perhaps the biggest issue couples face — how to afford throwing a multi-day party for everyone you’ve ever met, including finding an affordable wedding gown — and the gorgeous specifics, like an examination of the greatest Israeli wedding dress designers working today. We talked to bridesmaids about how to celebrating your friends’ love without going into debt, and we wrote about the cutting edge in Jerusalem-inspired wedding food and menu design so you can have your cake and eat it, too.

From the beginning of your grand adventure, to the organization that wants to send you on a free honeymoon to Israel, you’ll find the answers here in our wedding guide.

Oh, and one more thing: mazel tov!