Abraham Rabinovich

40 Years Later: The Yom Kippur War was a turning point that altered Israelis? feelings of invincibility.

In the Trenches, Panic and Disillusionment

Forty years ago, the Yom Kippur War was a moment of reckoning for an Israel flush with victory in the post-1967 years. One general faced that moment and found himself in shock. Hear his story.

Fresh Off Boat: Five days after arriving in Israel, Abraham Rabinovich, center, found himself on the newly conquered Temple Mount in Jerusalem in 1967.

Battle for Jerusalem Set Stage for Half-Century of Conflict

Hours after conquering the Temple Mount, Israeli paratroopers argued over giving it back in exchange for peace. On Jerusalem Day 46 years later, we’re still arguing.

Warily, They Conquered East Jerusalem

The future of East Jerusalem is one of the thorniest issues in the peace process. But Israel’s leaders never planned on conquering the city’s Arab neighborhoods in the 1967 War.

How a Biographer Repaid One of History’s Debts

In 1997, while scanning the books clamoring for attention in the literary editor’s closet at The Jerusalem Post, Haim Chertok, an occasional reviewer for that paper, noted a festshrift — a collection of commemorative essays — marking the centenary of the birth of an Anglican priest, James Parkes.