Adeena Sussman

A Honey Cocktail for Rosh Hashanah

In shaking up a Rosh Hashanah concoction full of sweet and tart flavors — and her mother’s favorite honey-laced liqueur — Adeena Sussman stirs up some bittersweet recollections.

New Year's Balm

The author offers up a sweet toast to her mother’s memory with a delicious cocktail that marries apple cider with honey-laced Drambuie, the honey-laced liqueur she loved.

Spiced Honey-Rosemary Roasted Nuts

Adeena Sussman offers up the recipe for a sweet and savory honey-laced snack, the perfect accompaniment to a delicious Rosh Hashanah cocktail.

New Fruits: Heirloom tomatoes hit peak season just in time for the High Holidays. Swap out traditional fruits for these beautities.

Our Virtual Bubbe Answers Your Rosh Hashanah Cooking Questions

Readers sent questions to our virtual bubbe, cookbook author Adeena Sussman. She shares her wisdom on making brisket for the first time and preparing your feast in advance.

Ooh La La: Pastry chef Francois Payard creates French-inspired Passover desserts like these Petit Fours.The box is a collection of almond cookies and flavors include cherry, chocolate chip, slivered almond, candied orange and powdered sugar.

The Great (Passover) Dessert Challenge

As the holiday approaches, chefs around the country face one of their biggest challenges: Passover desserts. Luckily, their sweet treats don’t disappoint. Try their recipes!

Cholent Redux: At Citron and Rose, chefs Michael Solomonov and Yehuda Sichel, create elegant interpretations of Ashkenazi dishes like sholet, a Hungarian cholent. Here, it?s made with lamb shank, beans and kishke.

The Wisdom of Solomonov

Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov is known for his stunning takes on Israeli food. Now, he’s turning his attention to Ashkenazi fare at his first kosher restaurant, Citron and Rose.

Healthy Cooking: White House assistant chef Sam Kass, doesn?t just spend his time in the kitchen. He works closely with Michelle Obama on her ?Let?s Move? campaign.

5 Jewish Tastemakers To Watch

Whether they’re influencing policy, curing pastrami or turning out beautiful plates of kosher fare, these food professionals give us a peek into the hot topics for 2013.

In the Kitchen: Isreali chef Yotam Ottolenghi and Palestinian chef Sami Tamimi have worked together in London for over a decade.

Jerusalem, Revisited

Yotam Ottolenghi sees his cookbook as a profile of Jerusalem through food. In a polarized city, he found a cooking culture that hummed along to its own rhythm.

Haimish to Haute in New York

Matzo ball soup in Nolita or kreplach in the new Kutsher’s in Tribeca? Stop rubbing your eyes: Jewish food is indeed having its New York moment in the limelight.

Kosher cheese has come a long way, just in time for a lesser-known Hannukah tradition

Cheese, Glorious (Kosher) Cheese

Hanukkah is a holiday of legends, and many of its modern traditions stem from ancient lore. One lesser-known tale accounts for the custom of serving cheese and dairy products during the Festival of Lights.