Ami Eden

Michael Bloomberg Takes Turn in Spotlight — and Russian Billionaires Pirouette Along

There were ballerinas, a full dance ensemble, soloists, a harpist, a video tribute to Jewish luminaries in multiple fields, a multimedia orchestra performance celebrating the enduring light of creation, a speech from the prime minister, stand-up from Jay Leno, and an audience packed with top Jewish communal movers and shakers from both sides of the Atlantic.

Fact-Checking the J Street Feud Over Rejection by Presidents Conference

Depending on where you stand, the rejection of J Street highlights the dovish group’s missteps or the shortcomings of the Presidents Conference as a Jewish umbrella organization.

3 Non-Jews Playing Jews We Left Out

The Forward opened a big screen Pandora’s Box with our story about Jews playing non-Jews. Ami Eden gets all in a tizzy about 3 ‘outrageous omissions’ from the list.

Edgar Bronfman, Prince of the Jews

Many eulogies will attempt to capture the magnitude of the loss suffered with the death of Edgar Bronfman. What you need to know: He was a prince of his people.

The House That Ruth Built

Shavuot, the holiday that marks God’s giving of the Torah to the Jewish people, is punctuated at many synagogues by studying religious texts throughout the night and by the reading of the Book of Ruth on the second day of the holiday.