Ben Harris

Israel and White House Step Up War of Words Over Iran Nuclear Deal

Israel and the Obama administration have stepped up their war of words over the framework agreement that aims to limit Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for a gradual rollback of sanctions.

The Gospel of Sungold Tomatoes

Ben Harris plants 1,000 sungold tomato plants — and deals with the predictably catastrophic aftermath.

Why I Spared the Bunnies From Knife

We were out weeding squash last week when Fred came over to say he had to show me something but he feared it would lead to an act of violence.

Deer in the (Jewish) Headlights

Countless anxieties attended the planning for Ben Harris’s first season farming. Losing his entire crop to deer was not among them.

Sex, Violence — and Veggies

Vegetables are struggling to perpetuate their genes before the short window of Northeast heat ends — or the farmer comes along with a hoe.

Stephen Harper Serenades Bibi With 'Hey Jude'

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper performed a rocking rendition of the Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ for a beaming Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.

The (Chabad) Rebbe's Army

At a time of angst over the falloff in Jewish affiliation, the number of Chabad emissaries continues to swell. There are currently more than 4,500 around the world.

Preaching Lost Art of Fermentation

Sandor Ellix Katz has traveled the world preaching the lost art of fermentation, which transforms ordinary foods into some of our most prized foodstuffs.