Dan Epstein

Party Like Tevye: Moment Magazine’s Nadine Epstein, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Theodore Bikel at Bikel’s birthday party in November.

When the Legendary Theodore Bikel Turned 90

Theodore Bikel turned 90 last month. The man who played Tevye talked to the Forward about growing up socialist, Bob Dylan and how to not get bored in your nineties.

Foiled Again: Early on, Diamond’s music displayed a stripped-down coolness.

Neil Diamond's 32nd Album Is His Best in 40 Years

Neil Diamond’s new album harkens back to an earlier time in his career — it’s not the ‘cool Neil’ of the 1960s, but rather the soft-rock idol of the 1970s.

Hey Baby, It's the 4th Of Jew-ly!

Jewish artists have written some of America’s most patriotic rock songs. Here is a list of songs by Semitic singers to accompany your fireworks display.

Turned On, Tuned In, Dropped Out: ‘An American Hippie in Israel’ was the lone directorial effort of Amos Sefer.

The Most Psychedelic Jewish Movie Ever Made Is Back

Groovy dance sequences. Hippie nudity. Loads of ‘Right on’ dialogue. 40 years after it first appeared, Amos Sefer’s ‘An American Hippie in Israel’ finally returns to the small screen.

Mayor of Chicago?s North Side: Harold Ramis throws out the first ball at a Cubs game in 2006.

Harold Ramis Was All of Us

Harold Ramis had a hand in some of the most influential comedies of the late 20th Century. Dan Epstein recalls he helped shape the humor of a generation.

No Panic in Detroit: Brad Ausmus ucceeds Jim Leyland who was the dictionary definition of a grizzled, old school manager.

Why a Jewish Manager Might Win World Series For First Time Since 1948

Only one Jewish manager has ever led his team to World Series glory. Nearly seven decades later, Brad Ausmus of the Detroit Tigers will seek to take his place in baseball history.

Take a Rhumba: Ruth Wallis is one of the artists featured on the Idelsohn Society?s latest release, ?It?s a Scream How Levine Does The Rhumba.?

Mami, Oh Manischewitz, What an Album!

A Latin version of ‘Hava Nagila?’ An Afro-Cuban dance number about Manischewitz? It’s all in a new record celebrating the fusion of Latin and Jewish culture.

Born Marc Feld, the late T-Rex founder Mark Feld offered a glam-disc number called ?Light of Love,? which is the closest he came to a song for Thanksgivukkah.

8 Best Songs To Ring in Thanksgivukkah

The rare collision of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah has resulted in a pop-cultural melange. Our critic’s playlist offers the best of both worlds (and holidays).

A Jewish Skipper: A former manager of Team Israel, Brad Ausmus will be major league baseball?s sixth Jewish manager.

Brad Ausmus Named First Jewish Manager of Detroit Tigers

Brad Ausmus is the Detroit Tigers’ new manager. He’s only the sixth Jewish manager in major league history — and his lack of experience is raising eyebrows.

A Very Boo-ish Holiday: Artists from David Lee Roth to Lou Reed have had a hand in creating some of the spookiest songs for Halloween.

Terrifying Top 10 (Jewish) Songs for Halloween

True, Halacha says Jews shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. But the allure of haunted houses and candy corn is too powerful for all but the most observant Jewish songsmiths.