Derek Kwait

High Plains Hillel: Rachel Hunt and Tim Hanna are leaders of the tiny Jewish community at South Dakota State University.

South Dakota's Tiny Hillel Embraces Messianic Jews

South Dakota State University’s Hillel is more than the only Jewish cultural club in the entire state. It’s also unique in that half its members are Messianic Jews.

Hillel Threatens Its Swarthmore Chapter With Expulsion Over Israel Dispute

Hillel is adamantly against its Swarthmore chapter’s decision to welcome even anti-Zionists to campus. It’s not clear where Swarthmore’s embrace of the ‘Open Hillel’ movement will end.

Swarthmore college?s Hillel voted to defy Hillel International?s restrictions on BDS programming.

Swarthmore Hillel Defies Headquarters on Boycott Israel Program Restrictions

Swarthmore’s Hillel student board voted to defy restrictions of its parent organization and host programs by groups that support BDS — claiming the rules repress free speech.